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Palm Treo Pro Super Deal: Only $449

New Super Low Deal From Dell Home Offers Treo Pro For Only $449 After $100 Instant Discount Coupon


The PALM Treo Pro Unlocked Smartphone just keeps getting better (read my review) not only because as time goes by I’m discovering that it’s probably the most superb smartphone that I’ve used in years but also because companies such as Dell are making it ever more attractive to buy one.

On this occasion, for a limited time Dell Home is reducing the price of the Treo Pro from the regular $549 to only $449 after an instant $100 discount coupon and offering free 3–5 days shipping as well.

Discount Details

Treo Pro Only $449.99 from Dell Home: just use coupon 27RR9ZSWHW?6BZ to apply your $100 instant discount in the cart.

Offer Expires Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Only one coupon may be applied per cart at checkout. Discount will appear at checkout once the eligible item has been added to the cart and coupon code shown above is entered. The Home & Home Office site and offers contained herein valid only for end users and not for resellers and/or online auctions. Offers subject to change, not combinable with all other offers. Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees apply. Valid for new U.S. online purchases through the Dell Home Electronics and Accessories site and for phone orders of electronics and accessories purchased without a system only. Purchase limit of 5 items per order, but coupon discount applies to only 1 item per cart. Limit of 5 items per customer please. Dell reserves right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors.

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Treo Pro

  1. Ultraslim & Ultrasleek Form-Factor & Stunning Design Treo Pro Top Marks
  2. Full QWERTY Keyboard + High Resolution 320x320 Flush Touchscreen Treo Pro Top Marks
  3. Built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g with WPA, WPA2, 801.1x authentication) Treo Pro Top Marks
  4. Built-in GPS (Standalone and Asssisted GPS) Treo Pro Top Marks
  5. High-Speed Wireless Data (3G HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE) Treo Pro Top Marks
  6. It’s a Palm Smartphone Treo Pro Top Marks
  7. Dedicated Silent Ringer Switch Button Treo Pro Top Marks
  8. Standard 5 Hours Talk Time (Up to 7 hours Continuous) Treo Pro Top Marks
  9. Dedicated WiFi On/Off Button Treo Pro Top Marks
  10. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 Treo Pro Top Marks

After buying your smartphone at Dell you’ll undoubtedly want to have a look at our top selection of Treo Pro accessories and Windows Mobile Software and here below you’ll find some of my top recommendations.

Editor’s Choice Accessories for Treo Pro

 Treo Pro Case - Incipio ORION Treo Pro Case - Body Glove Incipio-Bond-Street-Case

Treo Pro Cases (above from left to right)

  1. Incipio ORION Sleeve Case
    My very top choice.  High quality leather that fits like a glove, looks great and protects my Treo Pro from scratches.
  2. Body Glove Side Case
    One of the most popular current cases and my top choice to keep your smartphone by your side.
  3. Incipio Bond Street Leather Case
    An ultraslim and ultraslick high quality soft leather side case which is absolutely ideal to complement your Treo Pro smartphone.

 Treo Pro Car Charger Treo Pro Memory Card Treo Pro Sync Cable

Treo Pro Chargers & Cables

 Jabra BT530 New Jawbone Jabra BT3030

Treo Pro Bluetooth Headsets

  1. Jabra BT530
    A new headset that I have been extremely impressed by and that I currently use on a daily basis.  Superb noise cancellation, a dedicated On/Off switch and a microUSB charging connector combine to make this my preferred choice for the Treo Pro.
  2. New Jawbone
    Without a doubt the best-in-class noise cancellation headset available on the market today and the #1 bestselling BT headset for the Treo Pro.
  3. Jabra BT3030 Stereo Bluetooth
    Given that the Treo Pro now offers a 3.5mm stereo headset I have found this Stereo Bluetooth Headset to be by far the most convenient choice for the Treo Pro and it also happens to offer excellent value.

 Clear-Armor Treo Pro Cleaning Cloth Redfly for Treo Pro

  • Clear Armor Body & Screen Protector
    Without a doubt the very best, clearest and strongest body and screen protector available for your smartphone.
  • 3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    Thanks to this cleaning cloth that I always keep in my pocket I can quickly wipe fingerprints, dirt and oils to keep my Treo Pro shiny at all times.
  • Redfly Mobile Companion (On Sale – Only $199!)
    Thanks to the recent massive price drop of the Redfly Mobile Companion (read my review) from $399 to only $199 this unique device has quite literally been flying off the shelves but is due to be back in stock in the next couple of days.

Treo Pro Software

Separately, you may also want to have a look at the current Bestselling Windows Mobile Software where you’ll find titles such as:

To help you enjoy using these terrific applications we’ve created a 20% off coupon valid throughout this month until November 30 – simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart to apply this discount [please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store or Centro Accessories Store].

Finally, if you’re looking for some more in-depth information about the Treo Pro please read these previous posts:

Windows Mobile Software: Editor’s Choice Selection
Moving to Windows Mobile Treo Pro
Treo Pro Specifications
Treo Pro Review
Treo Pro Preview

Treonauts always get the best offers

Posted by Andrew on November 6, 2008 at 08:20 AM

Treo Pro

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by gary greenhoe | Nov 6, 2008 11:06:15 AM

oh man...and i just ordered from palm hours ago...wonder if palm will lower my price to match?

by L | Nov 6, 2008 12:27:58 PM

If only a carrier would pick it up. And then it will just be a matter if time until someone gets Android on it! Then it will be the PERFECT phone.

by FIRE SALE | Nov 6, 2008 1:07:24 PM


Buy a Windows Mobile Treo before Palm goes bankrupt...


by Andrew | Nov 6, 2008 1:12:57 PM

@Fire Sale - If I had received one dollar for every time that someone has gone out and claimed Palm's "imminent demise" or "insurmountable problems" I would surely be a multi-millionaire by now...

With such an amazing product as the Treo Pro + an even better portfolio of new products for 2009 I am sure that anybody betting against Palm today will surely lose tomorrow.

Given all of this I personally feel that not only is the Treo Pro well priced (unlocked) but Palm's stock price has never been a greater bargain.

Cheers, A.

by FIRE SALE | Nov 7, 2008 2:39:33 PM


Perhaps you do not understand-

The financial status of Palm is in such poor condition Palm may lack the necessary means to deliver future promised products and systems.

Further, sales of current products are insufficient to fund the future ambitions.

The proof is in the pudding, we shall see the reality when the future arrives.

by gary greenhoe | Nov 7, 2008 11:32:02 PM

Got my pro today and it's everything you have said it was! After a 650, 755 and lastly a BB curve..very frustrating for programs...I'm now overjoyed with the function and execution of this unit!

It is very precise when compared to my earlier picks.

by Mark | Nov 15, 2008 5:10:57 AM

I can't seem to make the coupon code work. What I see is "27RR9ZSWHW?6BZ". I'm using Firefox 3.0, and the 4th character from the end is a question mark. I don't think they would put a question mark in the coupon code. Has anyone else been able to make the code work? What is the 4th character from the end?

I'm traveling overseas at the moment, and I don't think I'll be home before Nov. 19, so I want to purchase now.


by Mark | Nov 16, 2008 4:35:54 PM

Correction: I guess that is a valid code. It worked. I think the reason I had problems the first time is because of a poor Internet connection (using a satellite link on Bonny Island, in Nigeria).

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