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Smartphone Experts Glove Fit Case for Treo 800w Review

Top Quality Full Grain Slim Leather Treo 800w Case Fits Like A Glove,  Provides Full Body Protection & Quick Access With Removable Belt Clip

Treo 800w Glove Fit Case

Best Treo 800w Form Fit CaseThere’s a new case for Treo 800w that has rapidly gained in popularity and is now among the Top 5 bestselling cases for this smartphone.  The case in question is the Smartphone Experts Glove Fit (pictured above) which offers a form-fitting leather + plastic “wrap” for your Treo 800w that is among the very best that I have seen and that many owners seem to prefer over a skin case.


As its name suggests, the SPE GloveFit quite aptly “fits like a glove” around your smartphone (see image above).  Just insert your Treo 800w into the “glove” and pull the zipper around to snugly enclose and protect it in this elegant and rather convenient case.

 Treo-800w-Glove-Fit-Case - Bottom Treo-800w-Glove-Fit-Case - Top

What I particularly like about this Treo 800w Glove Fit Case is that unlike other similar cases released previously this one looks very “clean” because all sides perfectly wrap around your smartphone without any ghastly protruding latches or velcro parts of any kind.  Additionally, a padded back as well as soft lining further increases protection against scratches while still having the benefit to retain a very slim profile.

Treo-800w-Glove-Fit-Case - Side

Also, all of the necessary cutouts have been carefully thought out to provide you quick and easy access.  From the micro USB connector at the bottom, the silent slider, stylus and WiFi button at the top to the infrared and volume buttons on the sides as well as the camera + speaker at the back and finally the microphone, 5Way and speaker at the front there isn’t a single part of this case that doesn’t fit just right.

Treo-800w-Glove-Fit-Case- Plastic Front

You may like me at first question just how comfortable it may be to type, access the buttons as well as the touchscreen on your Treo 800w when the entire front is covered by a plastic cover.  The answer is: it’s surprisingly very comfortable actually.  Virtually the only area that becomes a bit more tricky to access are the four corners of the screen which just require a slightly stronger push since you must press the plastic cover down.

An added benefit to the full front plastic cover is that your Treo 800w smartphone naturally stays much better protected from dust, oils and grime – in effect, the SPE Glove Fit Case acts as both a carrying case and a protective full body skin.

Treo-800w-Glove-Fit-Case - Belt Clip

This Smartphone Experts Glove Fit Case also offers a strong, removable and fully rotating belt clip which provides the convenience of keeping your Treo 800w by your side at all times.  Thanks to a rapid release button on the belt clip itself you’re also able to quickly grab hold of your smartphone to answer a call or work and then equally quickly slide it back into the belt clip.  In this respect, the only other type of case that allows you to access your device this quickly is a Treo 800w holster.

Treo-800w-Glove-Fit-Case - On Belt

Overall, while I had many doubts when I first received this case, I have to admit that the Smartphone Experts Glove Fit Case for Treo 800w has managed to completely win me over.  It combines the best of all worlds as it provides you with an elegant, slim, fine leather, form-fitting carrying case with a removable belt clip and quick release mechanism that also happens to offer a full front protective plastic cover.

If for any reason this SPE Glove Fit case is not your cup of tea then I can for starters very highly recommend the supert body protection offered by the Case-Mate Clear Armor for Treo 800w as well as my other Top 5 cases selection below:

  1. Seidio Spring Clip Holster
  2. Body Glove Case
  3. Seidio Innocase
  4. Seidio FlexArmor Skin Case
  5. SPE P6 Pouch Case

Additionally, please read my Treo 800w accessories post for my Editor’s Choice list of the overall Top 10 products for your smartphone.

Treonauts always find the perfect fit

Posted by Andrew on November 11, 2008 at 11:09 AM

Treo 800w Cases

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