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Treo Pro Cradle Review

Superb Palm Cradle for Treo Pro Offers Solid & Elegant Desk Docking Sync & Charge Solution

Treo Pro Cradle

For the last couple of years most of the Treo Cradle and Centro Cradle solutions that I’ve owned have had a tendency to lean strongly on the “utilitarian” side with relatively scant attention given to any sort of “design refinement”.

Thankfully the small new Palm Treo Pro Cradle pictured above now offers a rather welcome and beautiful solution to keep my smartphone docked, synched and charged at my desk.

Cradle for Treo Pro

As you can see above, the curvy Treo Pro Cradle from Palm seems to perfectly complement my ultraslim and ultraslick device.  Weighing 117 grams / 4.1oz it’s balanced to feel very solid both in your hands and at your desk while a large circular rubber base creates an ultra-adhesive contact with most surfaces to ensure that it rests robustly and doesn’t start moving around when you insert or remove your smartphone.

 Treo-Pro-Cradle-front Treo-Pro-Cradle-back

I also like the overall design simplicity of this Treo Pro cradle with no buttons or logos of any kind which makes your smartphone look as if it had morphed into the cradle and both become just one unit. 

Perhaps the one thing most lacking in this Treo Pro cradle is a built-in spare battery charger and I would have loved to see a small slot at the back of the unit where you could just insert one.  Having said this, considering that I have not yet experienced a single occasion where the powerful standard Treo Pro battery has not managed to keep me going for a full day perhaps the need for a spare battery charger may not be that important.


Additionally, the Treo Pro Cradle kit does not include any microUSB cables or chargers but you can naturally either use the ones that came with your smartphone or alternatively use my favourite SPE Micro USB Retractable Cable or the Motorola MicroUSB Rapid Travel Charger.

Aside from these terrific products, below you will find a short list of my other most recommended items for your smartphone.

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Treonauts are always looking for the very best

Posted by Andrew on November 7, 2008 at 11:06 AM

Treo Pro Accessories

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by dmm | Nov 12, 2008 10:03:37 PM

I definitely like the elegant design of the cradle, though I do miss the option to charge a spare battery. It's not necessarily a question of how long the battery can last, either. Part of it comes down to when/how do you charge--rather than topping a battery off every night (like some friends), my approach is to use up the charge on one battery, often all the way to 0%, and then switch. Throw in a fluctuating amount of usage and often being out and about and a spare battery (with a way to charge it outside the device) becomes a must.

Since Palm seems to be moving in the direction of portable chargers over cradle slots for spare batteries, let's hope they get one out soon for the Pro. Preferably with the charger & battery packaged separately, with a discount option if you buy both.

by Craig Ward | Nov 22, 2008 4:43:17 PM

I think there is a massive flaw in this design, I have finally got mine delivered in the UK and you need to decide to plug into the computer or the power supply and not both like the cradle that comes with the Treo 750. Is this right or am I missing something?

by John Aldis | Feb 26, 2010 11:54:40 AM

I just got my Treo Pro (traded in my Palm Pre -- which I should never had purchased), and I am looking for a cradle to facilitate charging and syncing.

** When I purchased my Treo, I also purchased a nice holder which attached to my belt -- which came with a rather attractive black hard case. Will this charger actually work with that case? I'm not interested in removing the case very time I want to charge/sync my Treo.
** I want to drop my phone in the cradle and both charge and sync the phone to my Outlook (like I did with my old Treo). How is that supposed to be done now? The old Treo cradles had both charging and syncing built into the cradle.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

by Jay | Apr 2, 2010 4:30:09 PM

My god! what's the use of a cradle if you still have to fiddle around with cables? Definitely a no-buy this one. Also seems Palm is taking the "we want to be Apple" thing too far by not including any cables to connect an otherwise worthless piece of designer plastic. Aarrghh. Love the Treo Pro though :-)

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