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Palm New-Ness Coming at CES

Palm Promises To Unveil All That You’ve Been Waiting For At January CES


Yesterday I received the above invitation from Palm to attend a press event at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2009 which the company claims will finally allow me to “see all that Palm New-ness you’ve been waiting for”…

I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure whether to feel mildly excited or utterly bored by Palm’s event – we’ve been waiting for so long and let down so often in the last couple of years that it’s hard to even imagine that Palm could “magically” transform itself at the eleventh hour.

Palm will categorically not even hint at what exactly all the “New-ness” it will unveil at CES might be but people at the company assure me that “it will definitely be worth it”, that “it will not disappoint” and that “it’s [categorically] not a new color for the Centro”…

Since all our expectations for what Palm has in store for us are sky-high it’s evident that Palm had better _really_ deliver on its promises as the company has unfortunately pretty much depleted all the goodwill it had accumulated over ten years pursuing its passion for “mobile computing”.  As someone posted elsewhere in a comment “I really, really want to believe but I have been hurt so many times before”…

So what exactly am I hoping to see from Palm at CES?  Well, for starters I evidently expect to see a full live demonstration of its highly anticipated new NOVA OS (aka Palm 2.0) and hope to see at least “something” completely revolutionary in this new operating system – something entirely unique that Palm can claim to have invented and that will categorically set it apart from the competition.  I basically want nothing else than to see everybody leaving Palm’s event saying “Wow, WOw, WOW!!!”.

The above is already a tall order but I also want to see the unveiling of at least _one_ of the new smartphones running NOVA OS (Palm Quatro ?) that the company plans to launch in 2009.  Ideally I’d like to see more than a picture of it and actually hold one in my hands – even if it’s only a dummy or prototype.

In short, I want to go to CES to see Palm unveiling nothing less than an “extraordinary” new operating system running on truly “gorgeous” hardware.  I want to see the company fully demonstrate that it still knows how to deliver the “Zen of Palm” and that it is at last once again ready to lead the smartphone revolution. 

Can Palm really do all of this?  I’d like to think that it’s certainly possible but I’m curious to hear how you feel about it.  Please share your thoughts with your fellow Treonauts via the poll below:

Palm 2.0 Unveiling at CES
Do you believe that Palm can deliver an "extraordinary" new OS running on "gorgeous" new smartphones?

It's very possible
Not likely

At any rate, the countdown to the Palm 2.0 unveiling has now officially started and we only have four short weeks to wait before all our hopes and dreams finally become reality or are forever shattered…

Treonauts always have a revolutionary spirit

Posted by Andrew on December 11, 2008 at 09:02 AM

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by Elena Bryant | Jan 7, 2009 11:02:08 PM

Like others I've waited for tomorrow (CES 2009) for years. I bought the first Palm and consistently upgraded until buying the now old Treo 680 I still use for many hours daily but want/need/do I dare say pray for? the Nova OS Quatro to be all that's been hoped for. My stocks in Palm have plummeted yet I've held on. Tomorrow will tell the tale. Either I stay with a PalmOS or switch from Apple to a Windows computer and go with a Windows mobile handheld. Please, Palm, don't disappoint me again. I can wait until May if shown I'm no longer being foolish.

by cd r | Oct 3, 2009 5:43:57 AM

I love my new Treo Pro. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and already plan to hold on to it for the long haul. Little, history, I have had the Origional Treo, 200, 600, and 650. This is the best of them all. I swtiched two windows mobile 2 years ago because... well the PALM OS is dead in my book. That aside, I really missed the treo. I think palm gets how to build a nice device.

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