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Palmtastic MobileHeist - Get 50% Off

Half-Price Sale On All Top 25 Bestselling Palm OS Software!


This month we’ve organized a huge promotional event that will really help kick off the holiday season!   We’re offering 25 of the bestselling Palm OS apps all at 50% off – that’s an average savings of $10 with some discounts as high as $20.   Unbelievable prices for a super set of world-class Palm applications!  But hurry because this promotion runs for only 5 days starting Wednesday, December 10th and ending Sunday, December 14th.

We’ve created a special MobileHeist page in our store to make it easy for you to get all these terrific applications at a half-price!  Please note that no coupon is required but you must add applications to your cart directly from one of the two MobileHeist pages below to receive the discount price:

MobileHeist for Palm OS Treo Smartphones

MobileHeist for Palm OS Centro Smartphones

Visit the above links to see the huge selection of bestselling applications that you can choose from at half-price like Ringo Pro for only $14.98, VolumeCare Pro for $9.98 or TouchLauncher for $3.50!  Below you’ll also find the list of titles sorted by category:


Kinoma Player 4 EX for Palm OS 5 - English
Kinoma Player 4 EX is the premiere media player for your Centro, Treo or other Palm OS 5 device.
$24.99 $12.50


Ringo Pro - MP3 Ringtone Player
Bring your Treo or Centro alive with amazing MP3 ringtones - set personal tones and pictures for friends and groups.
$29.95 $14.98

TouchLauncher - a sleek new launcher for Palm OS
$6.99 $3.50

Record important phone calls or voice memo and listen to them later
$19.99 $10.00

VolumeCare Pro
VolumeCare will break the Sound Barrier on your Treo! Volume to hear people loud and clear!
$19.95 $9.98

PdaNet for Treo 700p/ 755p/ Centro
Use your Treo 700p/755p/Centro as a Wireless Modem for your PC - PdaNet allows your PC to go online by connecting to your PDA through the HotSync USB cable or via Bluetooth.
$34.00 $17.00

USB Modem (Palm)
Use Treo 600/650/ 680/700p/755p or Centro smartphone as a GPRS/EDGE or CDMA 1x/EvDO USB modem for PC or Mac
$24.95 $12.48

Softick Audio Gateway
A2DP/AVRCP Profile support for Palm OS. Listen to stereo music via bluetooth!
$19.95 $9.98

Phone Technician
Take control of your Treo. Sound booster boosts your volume so you can hear your calls, Mp3 Ringtones, Escalating ringtones and more.
$14.95 $7.48

RingCare Mobile is a ringtone management solution that allows you to use mp3's and midi tones for incoming phone calls, text messages and voicemail
$24.95 $12.48

ToolboxToGo for Palm OS
ToolboxToGo is an indispensible collection of applications geared towards users in need of applying multiple changes to their tasks, meetings, or contacts.
$9.95 $4.98

Does your Treo/Centro crash randomly? Do you want to know why your Treo/Centro crashes? Do you want to know what application is causing your beloved smartphone to reset?
$19.95 $9.98

Card Reader
Use Palm-powered handhelds as an ordinary USB card reader
$11.95 $5.98

Launcher X
Launcher X is a highly configurable application launcher that replaces the built-in launcher on your Palm Powered Handheld.
$19.95 $9.98

Initiate Pro
Initiate - The Smartphone Launcher. Launch Anything. Voice-Launch Anything. Launch applications, call contacts, send emails and more....
$24.95 $12.48

Reset Doctor
Helps you track down buggy applications and most importantly, saves your preferences when they are destroyed during resets. This means you won't miss alarms, or lose settings and registration codes.
$9.95 $4.98


Find/Call/Edit contacts fast & easy. No stylus (one hand) operation. Enhanced telephony (call-cards, pauses) & search capabilities.
$19.95 $9.98

YourCall for Palm OS Professional Edition
Save time and accomplish more! Team up YourCall with your Treo for the ultimate mobile communications solution!
$19.95 $9.98

UltimatePhone is where your Treo experience begins and ends. If features a one of kind Phone application, it provides a gateway to web 2.0 and takes the features you are used to and makes them better
$9.95 $4.98

VoiceDialIt - Voice Dialing for your Treo
VoiceDialIt™ is the premier voice dialing application for the Treo™ 600, 650, 680, 700p, 755p and the new Treo™ Centro smartphone.
$17.95 $8.98


Meteor Palm
Meteor is the most beautiful breakout-style game for Hi-Res PalmOS devices.
$14.95 $7.48


Today & next 4 day’s weather, plus radar images and weather alerts, and detailed forecast. Can also be used as a plugin for 2day & ZLauncher.
$9.95 $4.98

PDACookbook Plus
Best-Selling app! 1200+ Free Recipes! Includes PC Cook Book App. Cookbook, Recipe Manager, Shopping List, Menu Planner, Store Nutrition Info, Import, Export, Print.
$29.99 $15.00


Quick Memos
Quick Memos is a must have replacement for the default memo application
$9.95 $4.98

Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition
Your contacts, calendar, memos, to dos and email finally work together like you always knew they should.
$39.95 $19.98

Agendus for Palm OS Standard Edition
Imagine if your contacts, calendar, and to dos were completely integrated so you could link contacts to meetings, calls, and tasks, even generating a complete contact history.
$29.95 $14.98

“Today” type application with focus on SmartPhone operation - one screen with all the information you need, and all the action options you want.
$12.95 $6.48

Treonauts always get the best offers

Posted by Andrew on December 10, 2008 at 08:00 AM

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