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Seidio Inno Case + Holster for Treo Pro Review

New Treo Pro Hard Case + Holster From Seidio Offers Excellent Solution To Protect & Carry Your Smartphone


If you’re concerned about keeping your Treo Pro “naked” and would like to have it protected at all times with an ultraslim snap-on body then the new Seidio InnoCase II (picured above left) and its companion InnoCase Holster will prove to be rather ideal.


As you can appreciate from the image above, unlike previous hard cases of this type the InnoCase II for Treo Pro offers a new slide-in mechanism (detail below) where two parts come together to cover your smartphone with an ultraslim protective body that is covered in rubberized paint for better grip and lined with felt to protect against scratches.


One of the key benefits of this new slide-in mechanism is that it finally makes it ultra-easy and quick to insert and remove the InnoCase II from your Treo Pro.  Whereas previous models used three or four side latches that made it extremely difficult to remove once clipped in place, the Innocase II has just one simple push latch at the back (detail below).


Additionally, what I also like is the fact that once snapped in place the Innocase II feels as if it had completely morphed with the body of my Treo Pro.  As you can appreciate from some of the details below this hard case _perfectly_ covers the smartphone while leaving all required openings (camera, speaker, stylus, etc) clearly accessible.

 Seidio-InnoCase-Detail1 Seidio-InnoCase-Detail3

 Seidio-InnoCase-Detail4 Seidio-InnoCase-Detail2

Finally, although you can obviously use the Seidio InnoCase II on its own you may also want to consider adding its specially designed companion InnoCase Holster (pictured below) – a combination which makes it easy and convenient to carry it by your side at all times.


Best Treo Pro Hard CaseOverall I have to say that I have no problem selecting this Seidio InnoCase II as my Editor’s Choice for Best Treo Pro Hard Case – it’s extremely well built and designed, easy to use, feels great in your hands and its ultraslim body protects while not adding any really noticeable bulk.

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Posted by Andrew on December 18, 2008 at 08:24 AM

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by dmm | Dec 18, 2008 11:46:42 AM

Andrew--how well does this Seidio case work with the Incipio ORION Sleeve Case? (As I recall, the Seidio is only 1 mm thick.)

My norm is a pouch case in a pocket, as I've said before--no belt clips or holsters. With the Pro's tendency to collect fingerprints, though, I like the idea of the Seidio case and am wondering if the two together would be a viable combo.

by Jacob Lunde | Dec 20, 2008 5:24:48 PM

This will be the first thing I pick up when the pro hits sprint in January.

by DR | Jan 27, 2009 12:04:12 PM

I bought this case for my Treo Pro and it is perfect. The glossy back of the Treo Pro scratches easily and this case does not add any bulk to the Pro. It is also easy to slide out of the case when I need to get to the SIM. A must have.

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