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Palm Pre Smartphone

Palm Pre Specifications Reveals Plenty Of Reasons To Love This Smartphone


Top 10 Reasons To Love The Palm Pre

1. Multitouch Portrait Screen + Slide-Down Keyboard

The iPhone has clearly demonstrated that there are some people who will be extremely happy with a smartphone offering a touchscreen-only input while others like me cannot live without a full QWERTY keyboard.  In this respect, virtually all smartphones available today have had to compromise – the iPhone offers a very large touchscreen but no keyboard, the BlackBerry Bold offers a landscape screen but no touch, the T-Mobile G1 offers a clunky touchscreen + keyboard and the Treo/Centro line offers a small square touchscreen with a keyboard.


The Palm Pre on the other hand is the first smartphone that successfully combines BOTH a large 3.1 inch multitouch screen with a 320 x 480 pixels resolution + a reasonably sized full QWERTY keyboard that pulls down vertically with just a gentle push to offer the most intuitive user experience – one that allows for quick and easy one-handed operations.

2. Design, Size & Form-Factor

Even more important is the fact that Palm has been able to deliver this touchscreen + keyboard combination in the smallest size and form-factor of any smartphone to date and to make the whole package look ultra cool.


As you can see from the image above, the Palm Pre is rather tiny in comparison to either the iPhone or BlackBerry Bold and as I mentioned yesterday this makes a huge difference when you hold the device in your hand or want to put it in your pocket. 

The Pre is also without a doubt the most “organically” designed smartphone to date with seemingly perfectly rounded curves on the sides and back (it resembles a well polished large pebble) which just makes you want to caress the device and cradle it in the palm of your hand – it wants to be nurtured. 

Additionally, Palm’s engineers have ensured that both when closed or open the Pre is perfectly balanced thanks to the internal positioning of the removable battery which creates an ideal center of gravity.  The fact that Palm has managed to pack all of this in just 135 grams (4.76 ounces) is also naturally a plus.

3. Speed

Thanks to its new webOS and a high-end processor the Palm Pre is REALLY FAST.  In a recent interview the company claimed that the Pre is already four times faster than the iPhone and there’s still some more optimization coming.


Among others the speed of the Pre is reflected in its web browser (now powered by the best-in-class WebKit) which allows you to surf the web ultra quickly and to perform many common tasks in a snap. 

Given the increasingly more complex demands of our mobile lifestyle it’s clear that the Palm Pre ability to be ultra-responsive no matter how intense the requirements is more than a welcome feature.

4. Multitasking

The new webOS that powers the Palm Pre has taken the entire idea of multitasking to a completely new level
.  Where traditional multitasking used to simply mean running multiple applications simultaneously in the background the webOS focuses primarily on empowering YOU to multitask with as many activities on the device. 


5. Built-In WiFi, GPS, EvDO Rev. A, 8GB Storage (inc. USB Mass Storage Support) & Removable Battery

The Palm Pre packs as much of a hardware punch inside as it does outside.  With high-speed EV-DO 3G wireless data connectivity, built-in 802.11 b/g WiFi capabilities, a GPS chipset for perfect navigation as well as 8GB of built-in storage for documents and media it’s clear that the Pre ranks at the very top of the smartphone pack.


It’s true that Palm “could” have added a microSDHC memory expansion slot to increase the available memory even further (to 24GB or soon 40GB) but I guess that with everything that the company has already managed to cram into such a small package there was bound to be at least one noticeable compromise.

6. User Interface

There’s probably nothing more rewarding when interacting with a smartphone than to have not only a very intuitive user interface but also a beautiful one.  As you will be able to appreciate from the screenshots below the webOS certainly delivers a stunning and engaging graphic design that just makes you want to engage with it – it’s very clean, simple and yet also modern and elegant.

 Palm-Pre-UI Palm-Pre-UI2

At the same time, the Palm Pre is one of the few smartphones that has been built from the ground up to provide a near flawless software + hardware integration and thus to make it as intuitive, pleasurable and fast as possible for you to perform daily tasks.

Using a combination of smart gestures, buttons, keyboard and touch you can quickly interact with the Pre to get those things you need to get done quickly – greatly enhancing your overall user experience.

7. Digital Life Integration

The webOS is still in its infancy but in its first iteration you can already see how well certain key partners such as Google (Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Search, Maps) and Facebook have been seamlessly integrated on the Pre smartphone – many already call its web integration “awesome”.


I expect that after seeing the potential of developing for the webOS many, many more of the top 1,000+ Internet websites, web services and mobile services will soon follow Google and Facebook’s lead to make their own offerings available as well – the opportunities are truly staggering and extremely exciting.

8. 3.0 Megapixel Camera with Built-In LED Flash + Large Back Speaker

At long last the Palm Pre delivers a truly high-end 3.0 megapixels digital camera with the added benefit of a built-in LED flash with which you will be able to take much better pictures on the go while viewing them on the superb 320 x 480 display and sharing them quickly via email, MMS or via the web.

Additionally, as before Palm has kept a large and powerful back speaker which makes it not only ideal for speakerphone conversations but also to listen to music while on the go.

9. 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack + Removable Battery

The inclusion of a standard 3.5mm stereo jack for calls, music or moives makes it easier for you to choose the headphones of your choice among the thousands available on the market while the convenience of a removable battery ensures that you will always have as much power on the go as you need or want with a spare battery at hand.

10. Ambient Light, Accelerometer & Proximity Sensors

The adaptive capabilities of the Palm Pre are helped by a series of sensors for the ambient light (to automatically dim the screen), accelerometer (to automatically adjust the screen orientation) and proximity (to turn the screen off during a call) and I expect that developers will also make use of these in future applications.


Most early impressions, previews and reviews of the Palm Pre already point to an extremely popular device that is rapidly capturing the minds and hearts of millions of existing and prospective fans who are like me becoming ultra-excited by the completely new opportunities and functionalities that this smartphone offers.

The Top 10 Reasons To Love The Palm Pre below are just a small sample of what I believe this smartphone will ultimately offer and perhaps more importantly is also the reminder that no matter how good the individual piece are it is ultimately the seamless integration off all of these in one device that truly matters – the Palm Pre is evidently one of the few that achieves this.

  1. Multitouch Portrait Screen + Slide-Down Keyboard Treo Pro Top Marks
  2. Superb Design, Size & Form-Factor Treo Pro Top Marks
  3. Ultra Speed Treo Pro Top Marks
  4. Best-In-Class Multitasking Treo Pro Top Marks
  5. Built-In WiFi, GPS, 8GB Storage Treo Pro Top Marks
  6. Intuitive & Beautiful User Interface Treo Pro Top Marks
  7. Awesome Digital Life Integration Treo Pro Top Marks
  8. 3.0 Megapixel Camera with Built-In LED Flash + Back Speaker Treo Pro Top Marks
  9. 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack + Removable Battery Treo Pro Top Marks
  10. Ambient Light, Accelerometer & Proximity Sensors Treo Pro Top Marks

Treonauts are always ready to fall in love

Posted by Andrew on January 13, 2009 at 03:52 PM

Palm Pre

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by sprint user | Jan 18, 2009 3:29:20 AM

i hope that sprint wont make us change our plans to use the new pre, like the instinct or the blackberry curve. i really enjoy my current plan. its an older plan which works for me but they just want me to up my cost and cut my current minutes just to use either of those phones. that route just doenst sound good to me at all!

i currently have 1200 mins anytime with unlimited nights and weekends plus unlimited data usage and unlimted texting. for only 50.00 monthly.
they want to have use change to 100.00 month with only 500 mins and the other stuff i currently have.
that blows. so i have not found any other phones i like. lets see what they want to give us.

by s adler | Jan 19, 2009 12:49:08 PM

I'm interested to see if they incorporate the technology from ChatterEmail into the Pre. I've been using a Blackberry for the past year. I'm going to miss push-email.

by Alan Meyers | Jan 21, 2009 9:18:42 AM

OK, I've been a Palm devotee for 10+ years, am currently waiting for my Verizon upgrade date to arrive (April), had finally decided to go smartphone, checked out the Centro and was ready to go when the Pre came along. Allow me a couple dumb questions: will the Pre synch with my desktop? Will it run all the software that was built for Palm OS5 (and without which I can't function at work)? If I don't care about mobile Internet access (beyond the WiFi connection I get with my Palm TX) is there any reason to go Pre rather than Centro? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


by Alan Meyers | Jan 21, 2009 6:11:08 PM

OK, I've been a Palm devotee for 10+ years, am currently waiting for my Verizon upgrade date to arrive (April), had finally decided to go smartphone, checked out the Centro and was ready to go when the Pre came along. Allow me a couple dumb questions: will the Pre synch with my desktop? Will it run all the software that was built for Palm OS5 (and without which I can't function at work)? If I don't care about mobile Internet access (beyond the WiFi connection I get with my Palm TX) is there any reason to go Pre rather than Centro? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


by steve from Nigeria | Jan 22, 2009 2:51:36 PM

With no touch screen my blackberry isn't much user friendly. when would the pre arrive Nigeria? I'm hearing of SPRINT...But we have mainly MTN,ZAIN,GLO in Nigeria. I use my blackberry on MTN network...Will pre smartphone go with MTN network in Nigeria and when is the phone coming to Nigeria in Africa? Please let me know all if I missed anything.

by rochelle | Jan 23, 2009 6:19:30 PM

When will the Pre be available in Canada? Will Rogers be the carrier? I am anxious to update my Treo 650 and would rather not get an IPhone. I am glad that the qwerty keyboard is a feature in this new smartphone.

by Bevan A | Jan 25, 2009 11:40:44 PM

I was lucky enough to spend some time in the "invite-only" room that Palm had at CES and drool over the Pre. After listening to the demonstrator describe the way that it links together Outlook data, G-mail data, etc. I asked about Palm Desktop. She said that it won't exist because you'll sync with all these other things and not Palm Desktop. I am not a corporation, so I do not use Outlook for anything. First of all because it is one of the most common pieces of software to be attacked by viruses and second of all because I use Eudora for e-mail and the Palm Desktop for everything else. If they don't have some version of the Desktop, I think that many current users are going to be at a loss for where to put their private data that they don't want to put on the web. I have 985 contacts in my Palm with multiple methods of contacting them all. I don't want to put that information into G-mail, Yahoo Mail, or anywhere else on the net. It's for me and me only. I like that the OS can seamlessly pull data from multiple sources together, but I hope that Palm still has a way to keep data on your PC and the Device only before the actual release.

by sit2k | Feb 22, 2009 9:40:47 PM

before you can have this for realtors, you need those geniuses at GE to write decent software. the consider the software for wm very good considering it takes forever to launch.

the folks at GE are brain dead, dont expect anything for pre for a long time

by AS147 | Feb 24, 2009 12:12:42 AM

Folks, it is very enlightening reading your posts.

I am reading this from Australia and let me tell you we live in different worlds. Neither is any less valid it is just that the comments here confirm the difference.

I used one of the first black and white Palm devices and then moved to Windows mobile and have never used anything else.

When I saw this device two things became obvious to me
1. There is no such thing as a perfect device
2. This is the best and most innovative thing out there

Regarding the differences:
I find it hard to believe that Infrared is in demand as Europeans and Australians almost never use it. Also the interest generated in the European and Asia pacific regions is massive, much higher than in the US. When it hits these shores the take up will be explosive.

Regarding the shortcomings
No SD card slot (medium rated issue)
Does it have MS Exchange support? (I won't buy it without that)
Does it have local PC sync support (most of my files are not in the cloud but on my PC) - I won't buy it without that.

The question everyone is asking is how does this compete with the iPhone. I think that is the wrong question, how about who will this take market share from.

I am seriously considering this phone and I am a 10 year long a reliable Windows upgrade customer.

Lastly, I have to say you palm folk are picky, this is the best device to come out of the MWC in Barcelona

That coming from a Windows Mobile fan !

All of the above is personal opinion only

by Palm Pre Geeks | Feb 24, 2009 8:53:33 PM

I cant wait for this phone to come out! All of these features will truly make this phone great!

by Dennis | Feb 26, 2009 4:23:52 PM

The screen resolution of the phone is too low and if it won't run my PalmOs apps I won't be happy. I'll have a better look when it actually gets released, but I may yet end up with a gphone.

by serge ouaknine | Mar 4, 2009 6:30:25 PM

Palm should have sold all its telephones and smartphones UNLOCKED and not attached to a telephone company.
I, myself would have been ready to buy a Palm pré ( if only I could save my datas patiently constructed on other Palm telephones -- but it seems that I cannot ( stupid hé!) ) + with Sprint : no way...
Again and again I will repeat the CEO and its entire moguls should have been fired five years ago... 5 years since, of Palm stagnation and losses... And with the present recession who is going to buy a new smartphone ?
Can you open your eyes ?

by KenC | Mar 9, 2009 12:35:26 PM

I own Palm shares, and I have never seen a more fawning bit than this one. Sure, I'd be happy if Palm does well, but let's be realistic. Where's the criticism? Surely, there's more stuff than the lack of a SDHC slot? Why gloss over things, it just makes people want to dismiss the whole post as fanboyism.

1) The screen looks great, but it's still 1/2 inch smaller than the iPhone's screen, and that is barely big enough. Shouldn't you point out the obvious?

2) Before calling it the smallest, (is that good when the screen is also smaller?), can you tell us how fat it is? I mean this is Palm!

3) Now this is where you just get silly, if the speed is reflected in its "best-in-class browser WebKit". You do know where WebKit comes from, right? Apple. They developed it. They use it. It's the rendering engine for Safari, and also for Android, and for S60. I mean WebKit is NOT EXCLUSIVE to the Pre, so any speed benefits inherent in WebKit will also benefit the iPhone's Safari, the G1, and Nokia's N9x series.

4) Let's see how it works in the realworld before we praise Palm to high heaven. Honestly, a "new level"?

5) So, it's comparable to the current state of the art. Good, let's hope the state of the art doesn't move by Summer.

6) A beautiful UI. Hmmm....where did they get the inspiration?!?

7) WebApps - where have I heard that before?

8) Okay a 3MP camera for a Palm is a huge step forward, but it's not high-end. Have you looked at that Moto cameraphone or the Nokias? No phone camera will replace a real digicam.

9) Standard jack, meh, okay, I guess it's something since the G1 inexplicably came without a standard jack.

10) So, the same sensors the iPhone came with and everyone else is aping. Woohoo Palm can figure out a good thing when they see it.

You know, I guess these are all things you can love about the new Pre. OTOH, was there anything there that isn't already being done by others? IF, this all comes to fruition as planned, it will only get Palm back in the game. It will only get Palm back to the current state of the art. It might even be behind, when it launches, as the other smartphone makers are not standing still. We haven't even seen the first fruits of Nokia's opensourcing Symbian.

Sure, the world is looking brighter, certainly brighter than it had been for Palm, but they now need to execute. No delays, no hardware problems, and no software problems. Pricing and advertising have to be right. Who is going to be marketing this in Europe and Asia? So many questions, so little time.

by serge | Mar 11, 2009 7:01:33 PM

Where should we read that the Palm pré is Mac OS compatible ( just after opening the box !)?

by Jeff | Mar 24, 2009 10:42:47 AM

Yes, they are missing the boat if there is no means to operate lock box keys (SUPRA) on the device with infra red. Without that, I will never switch, and I was so looking forward to that. I am a Realtor, and without the IR port, I will remain a Centro user.

Too bad.

by GeneL | Mar 24, 2009 3:51:04 PM

I agree with the comments about backing up/syncing to desktop. I use Entourage on my several Macs and the ability to sync is an absolute must for me. Using the Missing Sync, the process I use now is a snap and I don't think using an online method would be an improvement. I wonder if the "cloud" method would even work with my Entourage application?

The other REALLY BIG ISSUE for me is voice dialing. I've had some nasty experiences trying to dial while driving and handsfree is mandatory in CA, so voice dialing has to be mandatory as well.
I tried several voice dialing apps for my Treo 755P, but couldn't get any to work properly. My wife's KRZR has built-in voice dialing that works like a charm and doesn't require training the voice recognition function or me.

If Motorola can include an effective voice dialing function on a non-smartphone, why can't Palm include it in their newest "cutting edge" phone technology???

Like others, the ability to add storage by using a memory card seems like a no brainer on any new smartphone, but it appears that the "powers that be" have another picture. Once again, they're apparently not listening.

Oh well… (sigh)

by Charles | Mar 28, 2009 1:33:24 AM

I'm going to keep my Treo 755, for the following reasons. the Treo Pro, don't have a flash on it camera and the Treo Pre, don't provide extended momery slot. The built in 8GB is not enough. I'm planning on buying the Tmobile G1, which has everything conpare to the Treo Pre.

by serge | Mar 31, 2009 5:55:22 AM

What about foreign languages? Is the Palm pre speaking English only - Andrew It has been 6 years now that I ask you few simple questions and you seem autistic- you never answer !
Will we have compatibility with the Mac OS, will we have possibility to recuparate our old data from previous Palm devices, will we have access to cut and paste and the Microsft Office and PDF files, is there a FM radio on the Pre like most standard asiatic companies does...
Do you read what we write ? When the Palm pre will available in Europe , or Israel or Morocco... Is there a life after Sprint... or should we vanish in limbos ..
Would ypoy be nice only one time and answer to us Thank you .

by Andrew | Mar 31, 2009 9:12:18 AM

@serge - there are still no official specifications from Palm about the things you ask so even though I'm not autistic they're not easy to answer.

Having said this:
- yes, the Palm Pre "should" support multiple languages as previous Palm smartphones did.
- Since the Pre syncs over the "cloud" it should work fine with both Mac and PC's.
- Cut & Paste = Yes
- MS Office & PDF files we don't know yet but most likely yes via third-party software.
- FM Radio: not likely
- Palm Pre should be available in Europe at around the same time that it becomes available in the US (June '09)

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by serge | Apr 4, 2009 4:51:38 AM

I don't understand why ALL companies in the world ( Nokia, HTC, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG and even Motorola etc ) are offering at least 1 to 3 NEW models per year and after 5 years waiting the "wonder" of Palm, we are still waiting 6 ou more monthes to see the possible miracle. Don't you have the feeling that a such early publicity with nothing to touch and see will deligitimate the Palm Pré ... Since you annonced its existence I had already received 12 offers of various smartphones companies... How can you explain that such delay ?

by Gordon Hovey | Apr 7, 2009 5:51:46 PM

For all the Realtors dont worry be happy. You soon will be able to open the electronic lox boxes with bluetooth, no need for infrared.This was relayed to me by the GE people at a conference last month. You wont need even the fog that Blackberry people use. Good news from GE

by AW | Apr 7, 2009 11:16:01 PM

Bravo to the comments above!

Just a few of my own: I wish the screen were larger on the Pre! Why are we losing functionality and giving up the space. The iPhone is small enough. The screen is a perfect size on the iPhone. Make the Palm just as good.

WE NEED AN IR Port, AND a memory card expansion slot! Otherwise, I can buy a Blackberry.....

BTW: I'm currently with Verizon and plan on keeping them. Most of my friends have already gone with Blackberry. I'm still holding out. If I should stop waiting on Palm and leave the 'dinosaur to die,' please let me know.....

by serge | Apr 14, 2009 5:48:50 PM

Regarding smartphones I am in a troubled situation plus the malediction of working on Mac OS - you must try the coming Nokia N97 - a full wonder - large keybord, a 16/9 tv screen and full touch -like an I phone -- fully equiped wifi - bluetooth- gps and geo position of pictures - Maxi video and 5 megs photos camera - lots of apps _ 85 Gig inner Memory _ 16 gig micro SD card: the best of the 2 worlds. After having waited 6 years now something Smart from Palm I bought last year a Nokia N91 perfect but not touch... so as Palm is mocking Apple, I will rush back to the new Nokia N97

by Brian | May 14, 2009 12:13:25 AM

I am VERY DISAPPOINTED. The Pre looks great, I am even willing to give up some of my apps on my 755p, however I think Palm is horribly wrong with no IR port. Many of us real estate agents LOVE the Palm with IR because it allows us to open up lockboxes.

Gimme IR!

by Palm Pre Smartphone | May 15, 2009 1:39:41 AM

Sprint just sent out a flyer this week. Got mine through a corp account. Very sweet little phone. Will post reviews soon.

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