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Palm Pre Release Date

Official Palm Pre Launch Date Still Top Secret But…


There is no doubt that in less than a month since its public unveiling at CES the Palm Pre has already become the single most highly anticipated smartphone of 2009 thanks to raving reviews and many people are more than a little bit anxious to get one in their hands.

Although Palm has repeatedly suggested that the most likely release date for the Palm Pre would be June, a leaked Sprint EOL (End Of Life) smartphone list that appeared yesterday nonetheless suggests that the official Palm Pre launch date may actually be coming _much_ sooner than expected.

According to the document, Sprint lists two Palm smartphones reaching their EOL.  The first is the Treo 800w with an EOL of April which is to be replaced by the Sprint Treo Pro by 15 February (information that correlates to previous leaks).  The second is the Palm 755p with an EOL of late May which is to be replaced by none other than the Palm Pre by 15 March…

While I and many others would naturally be delighted for the above Palm Pre launch date to turn out to be true the fact is nonetheless that most sources close to Palm still maintain that a May/June release is much more likely.  Having said this, it is also possible that thanks to the hugely positive response that the Palm Pre has already garnered that Sprint may be pushing Palm to accelerate its release date so as to maximize on the current buzz (particularly with news today of a possible iPhone Nano or other next-generation iPhone also coming out in June).

Either way, it’s becoming pretty clear that the Palm Pre is the closest real iPhone competitor to have surfaced to date and we can expect a real war to be waged between both companies this year.  With the unveiling of the Pre, Palm has demonstrated that it can again deliver revolutionary products and the next step will be to demonstrate that it can also successfully execute not only the launch of this smartphone but also the development of a strong ecosystem to support it.

Please take a moment to share your own feelings about the continued Smartphone Wars and let your fellow Treonauts know which device(s) you are most exited about for 2009:

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Sprint EOL list reveals target Palm Pre launch [BoyGeniusReport]
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Treonauts are always ready for a revolution

Posted by Andrew on February 5, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Palm Pre

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by josh | Feb 28, 2009 12:20:06 PM

I just chatted with a sales rep from Sprint and she told me April is the target month for the Palm Pre. She was not able to give an exact date though.

by Chris | Mar 11, 2009 12:30:05 PM

There seems to be a lot of speculation as to when the Pre will be released. Mong all of the rumors, there has yet to be concrete evidence as to the release date or even the price. That is why i have started a distribution list. I am a retailer with Sprint and as soon as some "official" news is released i will be sending out updates.

by sprintsucks | Mar 11, 2009 5:12:46 PM

spoke with sprint cs they said palm pre will be out March 15 but cant take orders and cant give you the price for the phone...whats up with that

by William | Mar 17, 2009 12:56:31 PM

As ive read all of these comments....i realized that NOBODY knows, not even Sprint. the only thing to do is wait. There was 10-12 different dates in which everybody thinks they have insider information...what now? Its the 17th of march, NO PRE. shut up and wait.

by lgsf | Apr 12, 2009 2:17:11 PM

The 3/15 release date was for the pro. My local sprint store rep says they usually get notified of new releases 2 months in advance, and that they have received word the pre is scheduled to be released in June.

by Ron | Apr 28, 2009 12:37:40 PM

Ok, So I just had an online chat session with Sprint and this is what they said 2 minutes ago. They are now saying July and that is a for sure thing.Here is the conversation below. I copied and pasted it for you all to see:
9:37:28 AM Agent Ashley W
May I ask your question?
9:37:34 AM Customer lucero
I was told that Sprint Premiere customers will be able to pre purchase the palm pre
9:37:38 AM Customer lucero
Is this true?
9:38:06 AM Customer lucero
I am a premier customer and was wondering if we would at least get advance notice of the release date?
9:39:16 AM Agent Ashley W
That is correct, However it has not been released and at this time we do not have a date for the release. It will be by July. If you go to www.buzzaboutwireless.com you will be a review the phone and get updates of when it will be released.

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