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Palm Pre vs. iPhone Comparison

Features & Specifications Comparison of Palm Pre & iPhone 3G – Pre Has Good Edge But Is It Enough To Win The Game?


Most early Palm Pre reviews have noted that this smartphone is by far the closest direct competitor to the iPhone to have emerged yet but this clearly does not immediately mean that the Palm Pre can/will be as successful as the iPhone. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as we prepare the launch of Preonauts.com (hopefully live next week!) and after playing around with an iPhone 3G this past week I thought that I should share and compare the strengths and weaknesses of both these devices – a comparison that is based on my personal views as well as those of most other reviewers.

Top 10 Things I Love About The iPhone

  1. Display 
    Beautiful, large (3.5 inch diagonal), high-resolution (480x320 screen) multi-touch display.  [Albeit the downside is that I have come across too many shattered displays…]
  2. App Store 
    Installing new applications on the iPhone is a complete joy.  It’s ultra simple and quick – an absolutely superb experience than virtually nobody has matched today.  With 15,000+ apps now available there is something here for everybody and although there is a lot of rubbish there are also many superb applications.
  3. Accessories 
    The breadth of manufacturers developing custom accessories for the iPhone is truly staggering and many of these are among the best in the market today.
  4. iTunes 
    The DRM restrictions associated with iTunes music had always put me off but now that many are DRM-free I’m more interested.  Leaving this aside, it’s clear that for a great many people the simplicity, functionality and vast content choice available via iTunes is a real plus.  The fact that it now offers music, movies, video and all iPhone apps together further enhances its value.
  5. Desktop Management & Sync 
    Unlike virtually all competitors’ smartphones, I think that a two year old could figure out how to manage his iPhone and keep it synched within a few minutes.  Again, top marks for making the process simple and hassle-free.
  6. Regular Updates 
    Where competing smartphones either get few/no updates or these updates are complex to install the iPhone (via iTunes) offers a completely painless and regular update process.  Nobody comes close to matching this today.
  7. Form-Factor 
    There’s no doubt that the iPhone is simply a beautiful object – a superb achievement of industrial design.
  8. User Interface & OS 
    Gorgeous, fluid, rich, fast, fun user interface – enough said.
  9. Browser 
    Closest thing to a full desktop browsing experience on the move.  It’s true that Opera, Skyfire and Iris offer very good solutions on Windows Mobile smartphones but none of them is as good as the iPhone.
  10. Multimedia (Music, Photos, Movies, Video) 
    Listening to music, viewing photos and watching movies/videos is just “something else” on the iPhone.  Nearly 10 years after the launch of the iPod most competitors are still in nappies when it comes to even matching functionality, ease-of-use and overall experience.  A superb end-to-end consumer solution (particularly now that most music is finally DRM-free).

Top 10 Things I Hate About The iPhone

  1. Virtual Keyboard 
    Typing on the iPhone via the virtual keyboard simply drives me NUTS!  I absolutely can’t stand it and feel like a complete idiot every time that I use it.
  2. No Multitasking 
    Although I understand and appreciate the reasons that Apple did not enable multitasking for third-party apps the fact is that it greatly reduces the overall functionality of this smartphone and thus the experience.
  3. No Stereo Bluetooth 
    For a company that is the leader in digital music the lack of Stereo Bluetooth capabilities (A2DP and AVRCP) is pathetic.
  4. No Removable Battery 
    Not everybody needs this but given the amount of time that I personally spend on the phone the lack of a removable/replaceable battery is a deal breaker.
  5. No App Trials 
    The App Store may be great but the fact that paying apps cannot be downloaded on a trial basis bothers me.  The standard has pretty much always been to offer trials and Apple should address this.
  6. Too Much Touch 
    At first doing everything with your fingers alone is a fun experience but those who like me have grown used to a physical keyboard with hard keys know the speed and usability benefit of sidestepping touch.
  7. No One-Handed Operation 
    Most of the time it’s impossible to do anything on your iPhone with one hand alone.  I don’t like to tie my two hands up whenever I need to do something on the phone – particularly not when I’m driving and I actually need one hand on the steering wheel!
  8. Not A Good “Phone” 
    Too many people have complained about poor volume and other basic phone “malfunctions” on the iPhone.  Most reviewers agree that it’s a great device but still misses being a great phone.  [It’s also worthwhile noting that the built-in speakers are not particularly good either…]
  9. No Copy & Paste 
    At first I thought that this would not be that important but in daily use you quickly come to realize that the lack of Copy/Paste functionality significantly limits your ability to get certain things done (particularly with regards to email and SMS).
  10. No Adobe Flash 
    With such a great web browser it’s more than a shame that Adobe Flash support is still not available (Apple is apparently working on it though).

Other complaints include: not being able to forward messages, not being able to “reply all” in SMS, no MMS, can only sync with one computer, poor default ringtones and inability to convert MP3 file to ringtone.

The Palm Pre Solution – 20 Things To Love?

  1. Display
    Beautiful, large (3.1 inch diagonal), high-resolution (480x320 screen).  The screen is not as large as the iPhone (0.4 inch smaller) but this is balanced against other hardware features such as the removable battery and sliding keyboard further below.
  2. App Catalog 
    Palm has already confirmed that it will create a full App Catalog – one that will presumably have the same functionality and ease-of-use as Apple’s App Store.  Clearly though there will not (initially at least) be as many apps available for the iPhone as for the Palm Pre.
  3. Accessories 
    The most recent accessories designed by Palm have already show significant improvement and now the question will be if Palm is able to create as large and robust a third-party accessories ecosystem as Apple’s.
  4. iTunes 
    Given the fact that (for now at least) most of the sync functionalities of the Palm Pre will take place over the “cloud” I’m not quite sure what the company may have in store regarding media synchronisation.
  5. Desktop Management & Sync 
    Many people have voiced concerns about Palm’s (initial at least) lack of support for a desktop application to manage and sync your smartphone – it has instead chosen to perform all activities over-the-air.  Yes, I feel that this is a serious flaw BUT third-party developers have already indicated that they will step in to fill the gap and I also have to assume that Palm will eventually release one of its own.
  6. Regular Updates
    At this stage I can only hope that Sprint will have seen the huge benefit to provide quick and painless updates over the air.  Also that Palm will implement this so that owners can perform a one-click install.
  7. Form-Factor 
    From looking at images alone the Palm Pre does not appear to be particularly beautiful but since I’ve actually held one in my hands I can categorically tell you that it feels absolutely great.  It’s one of the most organic devices that I’ve come across and you just want to stroke it in the palm of your hand.
  8. User Interface & OS 
    Gorgeous, fluid, rich, fast, fun user interface + the new “cards” features is completely unique.
  9. Browser 
    Ultra-fast and powerful.  One of the best mobile browsers available – finally!
  10. Multimedia (Music, Photos, Video) 
    It’s clear that although the Palm Pre will have a number of interesting multimedia features (including robust photos, Pandora and Amazon MP3 downloads) it is unlikely to match the richness offered by the iPhone (at least not at first).
  11. Physical Keyboard 
    It’s not the largest physical keyboard around (smaller than the Treo and larger than the Centro) but the fact that the Palm Pre actually has one is a huge plus for me.
  12. Full Multitasking 
    Yes, yes and yes!  The Palm Pre is ALL about multitasking – open as many apps simultaneously as you like.
  13. Full Stereo Bluetooth 
    Not sure what Palm’s plans are on this front but given that it has already managed to build Stereo Bluetooth into its Windows Mobile smartphones I have to imagine that the Palm Pre will have this full functionality.
  14. Removable Battery 
    Oh yes baby…  Palm has become increasingly good not only with creating a better removable battery slot but also at improving battery capacity.  It’s still a closely guarded secret but I hope that the Pre will deliver a minimum of 5 to 6 hours talk time (not great but in line with iPhone performance).
  15. App Trials 
    Both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile have thus far allowing app trials and I very much have to assume that Palm will go the same route with its next-generation webOS.
  16. Touch + Physical Keys 
    Keep the Palm Pre closed to used touch alone or open its sliding keyboard to extend its functionality.  Touch is fun, keys are fast and accurate – both together is absolutely great.
  17. Full One-Handed Operation 
    As with all previous Palm smartphones, the combination of a physical keyboard and large touchscreen allows you to do most repetitive tasks on your smartphone with one hand alone.
  18. A Great “Phone” 
    All latest Palm smartphones have been absolutely great “phones” and I have no doubt at all that the Palm Pre will meet or exceed my expectations.  Additionally, as with previous models you can expect a great and rather loud built-in speaker.
  19. Full Copy & Paste 
    YES!  Of course…
  20. Adobe Flash 
    There is no confirmation yet but many sources point to Palm actively working with Adobe to bring Flash to the Palm Pre when released.

Other top virtues of the Palm Pre include: the ability to combine/merge multiple contact details (business/personal/social) into one, “Universal Search”, combined Outlook + Google + Facebook calendars in one view and much more…

Palm Pre Overall Rating:        12   1  7  
Apple iPhone Overall Rating: 10  10

So is the Palm Pre the clear winner?  Not quite.  Before a battle can be won it first needs to be fought.  In this respect, it’s evident that Apple has a powerful arsenal – not least its superb marketing engine, huge brand recognition and loyalty as well as an immense cash horde and an incredibly rich ecosystem of developers, accessories manufacturers and other partners.

What is nonetheless clear is that thanks to the Pre, Palm finally has a powerful weapon of its own with which to battle Apple and others in this hypercompetitive smartphone market.  At this stage I personally feel that the greatest strengths of the Pre rest on its superb form-factor (touchscreen + keyboard) and its ultra-powerful new webOS (particularly its robust multitasking capabilities).

It’s evident that Apple will not sit still while the Palm Pre attempts to gain momentum in the market.  Rumours already point to Apple possibly preparing this summer to release a $99 iPhone “Lite” as well as an updated version of its iPhone 3G which may offer multitasking as well as other features.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Apple “could” eventually (though not likely) release an iPhone with a physical keyboard which would indeed make life a lot more difficult for the Pre.

Whether compared to the iPhone or any other competing smartphone on the market today or tomorrow the fact nonetheless remains that the Palm Pre is quite an achievement in its own right – one that will likely once again completely reshape expectations for what a next-generation smartphone should offer.  It’s undoubtedly a refreshing picture to see Palm leading the way again…

In the meantime, I’m curious to learn how prepared you are for the arrival of the Palm Pre (expected in May/June) so please take a moment to share your views with your fellow Preonauts below:

Preonauts Survey
How ready are you for the Palm Pre?

Already with Sprint - will buy Pre as soon as it becomes available
Verizon - will switch to Sprint as soon as it become available
AT&T - will switch to Sprint as soon as it become available
Other carrier - will switch to Sprint as soon as it become available
Will wait before moving to Sprint
Will wait for GSM version of Palm Pre (6 months after launch)
Will wait to buy more expensive Unlocked GSM Palm Pre
Will never move to Sprint - will wait for my carrier to have Pre
Will never buy Palm Pre


Thanks for all the comments (both positive and negative).  Since the negative comments from iPhone supporters (or plain Andrew haters) have been more overwhelming than those of Palm Pre supporters I thought that I should update this post to reflect both my “errors” as well as those of others.

#13 Stereo Bluetooth
Without confirmation from Palm yet it’s true that I am “assuming” that the Pre will offer this functionality.
>>> Rating changed from  to

#14 Removable Battery
The Palm Pre has a removable battery while the iPhone does not.
>>> Rating unchanged.

#15 No App Trials
While it’s true that _some_ iPhone Apps are available as free or demo versions the overwhelming majority are not (unlike PalmOS and Windows Mobile apps where 99% are).  Having said this, it’s also true that there is currently no way of knowing how Palm is going to address this with webOS apps.
>>> Rating changed from  to

#18 A Great “Phone”
Everything that I have seen so far indicates that the Palm Pre will be a great phone but I agree that until it’s launched its actual performance remains an educated guess.
>>> Rating changed from  to

#20 Adoble Flash
The iPhone currently does not have Flash but “may” have it in the future.  The Palm Pre is likely to have it at launch _but_ this remains unconfirmed.
>>> Rating changed from  to

Separately, the 10 things I hate about the iPhone also remain unchanged as these are not only my personal views but also those most widely commented by people who actually own the device or owned it and did not like it.

Palm Pre Overall Rating:        12   1  7  
Apple iPhone Overall Rating: 10  10

Palm Pre Cost
No official price has been set yet but most analysts predict that it will be $199 to $249 with a two year contract.  Additionally, the competitive landscape within which the Palm Pre will launch is already pretty much set since no other “super” devices aside from a possible iPhone “Lite” and updated iPhone 3G are expected.

OF COURSE there are third-party apps to convert MP3’s to ringtones for the iPhone but the fact remains that you cannot do this conversion directly on the device.

Palm vs. Apple Battle
It’s clear that the battle will not be an easy one and as I’ve pointed out in this post the iPhone is an absolutely formidable opponent – one that I actually really like but not enough to actually use as my preferred device.  As Kontra points out, the Pre is clearly a bit late to the party and it will have to work extra hard to gain lost ground.

Judging by the continued rally in Palm stock I have to assume that most people today agree with me that thanks to the Pre the company is getting ready for a major rebound – one that will likely shake up the smartphone industry and which evidently has more than a few Apple fans already actively “fighting” the threat…

Overall I think that I can happily live with all the personal attacks (some are actually quite original) and I have no doubt that the Palm Pre will be equally capable to stand its ground against all major competitors when released in June.  Let the battle begin!

Preonauts are always leading the revolution

Posted by Andrew on February 12, 2009 at 12:07 PM

Palm Pre

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by Crud | Feb 12, 2009 1:07:56 PM

One thing you missed was the fact that there is no SD slot. True they both don't have this, but should. I think this is a very big mistake on Palms part. The SD slot is a must! ;-)

by Andrew | Feb 12, 2009 1:22:43 PM

@Crud - yes, I agree that the lack of memory expansion (on both devices) is disappointing - particularly so for the Palm Pre though as this had been an important feature on all previous Palm smartphones.

Like the iPhone, I hope that Palm will eventually increase the memory of the Pre from 8GB to 16GB which would be more than enough for most people.

Cheers, A.

by Nice try | Feb 12, 2009 3:07:20 PM

Nice try, but Pre = fail.

re: "No App Trials"

Andrew is just plain wrong, yet again.

The fact is that many apps are available as free or demo versions.

Apple does not control whether a trial is available. It is the developer's choice to offer a demo version or not.

The bogus attempts by Andrew to support Palm using misinformation is wearing thin, and the phony bravado about Palm's future is rather pathetic and just plain sad.

by Joe | Feb 12, 2009 3:41:59 PM

Andrew, please try to be honest and objective. I don't understand how you give so many checkmarks to the Pre at this point, when your own writing strongly suggests that your Pre bullet items 13, 14, 15, 18, and 20 should all be "?"s. For example, on #20, I don't see how you justify giving iPhone an "X" for Adobe Flash "(but they're working on it)" while Pre gets a "check" for THE EXACT SAME STATUS -- both products should either get an "X" or a "?". Or look at #13 -- "not sure what Palm's plans are ... I have to imagine ..." -- why isn't such speculation a "?" for Pre?

by John Whorfin | Feb 12, 2009 4:09:25 PM


I know I shouldn't be surprised, but your analysis of the iPhone is unfairly erroneous, and your analysis of the Pre is grossly speculative.

And until we know how much the Pre will actually cost (and what the competitive landscape will look like when it actually ships), that poll is utterly pointless - except maybe for those polled for whom price is not a factor (which is true for very, very few consumers). _Maybe_.

P.S.: You can very easily convert mp3s to ringtones for the iPhone any number of ways. Google it.

by too many ?? | Feb 12, 2009 5:40:34 PM

I agree with the couple of fellas above. This comparison is pure speculative and inaccurate. As excited I am for the Pre, while owning an iPhone, indicates to myself that the Pre will be a strong contender. After going through many smartphones and finally settling with the iPhone, I can see the downfalls of it first hand, and of course the ingenuity. However, this comparison is totally biased, as it typically is with Andrew.

by MacInfoSys.com | Feb 12, 2009 8:25:56 PM

There is a reason why this review got what it did. it is posted on a site SPECIFIC to Palm and the site's revenue depends on positive exposure. Very sad.....

by Another Andrew | Feb 12, 2009 8:36:44 PM

I love my iPhone. The day I got it I remember regretting keeping my Treo for six whole months while my wife loved her iPhone from the day they were initially released.

But hey, you've got this site and ads to sell, so it makes sense that you'd praise Palm's imaginary product and try to poop on the best cell phone on the market right now.

Keep on peddling your wares, dude. I'll keep using my iPhone and loving it.

by TP | Feb 12, 2009 10:02:03 PM

"Before a battle can be won it first needs to be fought."

So true - I just hope Palm doesn't implode before the battle has even begun. Any further delay or screw-up in launching the Pre and Palm is toast.

by q | Feb 12, 2009 10:11:43 PM

Stay Strong Andrew! For every Palm Fan Boy, there is like a million Iphone Fan Boys. So you have to do a million times the work. Iphone fan boys are damn near everywhere and I can see a few have popped up here. They are like my belly; Fat, hairy, sweaty and constantly growing more and more grotesque everyday! I agree this article is biased, but what did these people expect from a website called Treonauts. Besides, what isn't biased these days.

by v | Feb 13, 2009 3:09:10 AM

Pre better than iPhone on Treonauts...
How about that

by Kontra | Feb 13, 2009 4:40:19 AM

"Pre's introduction, website, technology packaging, industrial design, UI, product naming and positioning...down to the flow of its CES presentation were pointedly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Apple-like. Of all the current iPhone competitors, Pre clearly captures the 'soul' of the iPhone as much as any product not-from-Cupertino can. Whatever Pre 'borrows' from the iPhone, it does so not with the brazen indifference of recent iPhone-killers, but with care and purpose."


"Palm is clearly late to iPhone's party. By the time the first Pre is sold, the iPhone will likely have 30 million users in 70+ countries, 15,000 apps, a huge developer and peripherals ecosystem, perhaps a third of the market share and 40% of smartphone revenues. And that's before the next generation iPhone device and OS are introduced."

I explored Pre's chances in:

"Strategic shortcomings of Pre in the post-iPhone era"

by Mark | Feb 13, 2009 7:16:36 AM

I'm still a Palm fan, & very glad to see them introducing a device with a great new operating system. I thought you gave the iPhone plenty of praise, and the things that bother you about it are the same things that bother me. I think the comments about your review being biased are a bit overblown. You've got a tough crowd to please, Andrew, but hang in there. What do you think of my idea for a phone with 2 SIM cards? Wouldn't that be a niche market for high end business users (that travel overseas a lot) that nobody is addressing? I hate having to carry two phones everywhere and trying to decide which SIM card to put in which phone. Not sure how the carriers would react to a phone from the U.S. with 2 SIM cards.

by Dave | Feb 13, 2009 9:40:37 AM

Andrew, I've had my Treo 650 for years, waiting for something new from Palm that is worth getting. Your totally biased "Review" (giving Palm checks for stuff that you "assume" might be included but is not yet announced, for example) has convinced me that it's not worth waiting for the Pre. I know that you want to generate some excitement for your new Pre website but this lame comparision is so transparent. You are capable of better. Instead of waiting for the Pre, I'm now waiting on the new iPhone coming in July!

by R. Miller | Feb 13, 2009 10:12:12 AM

It's nice to see all the iPhone junkies here to defend their cult icon. Get off your Macs and drive your Prius to either your therapist, your yoga center, or your psychic reader.

Those of us who aren't guzzling the Apple Flavor Aid take the checks, question marks, and X's with a grain of salt. It's the discussion which matters most and the comparison is useful. Most of the points of contention about the ratings are meaningless to me while the confirmed differences are very important to me.

Could you please do a Pre vs. Pro comparison? While the Pre hasn't been released yet, I haven't been able to even see a model of a Pro since its release.

by dgarts | Feb 13, 2009 11:21:40 AM

I need to know

- how will I get my data from my Palm Desktop into the Pre?

- how will I back up my data if I don't want to pay my ISP's extortionist data transfer fees?

- if I do want to pay storage fees, where will I back up my data to? Is there some central repository for my PIM information somewhere in this nebulous cloud?

- if anyone out there is getting rid of their unlocked GSM 680? I get the distinct impression I'll be holding onto the 680 for as long as possible; this paradigm shift may need some ironing out before I commit to making this jump.

by bringer666 | Feb 13, 2009 11:29:43 AM

Although I really like what I've seen of the Pre (except the name, ugh), I think you may be a little unfair to the iPhone. On your X's side, here are my experiences.
#1 Virtual keyboard. I agree, it's not the best but since I don't write long emails or use texting on my iPhone, it doesn't bother me that much. I never got that good on my Treo anyways.
#2 Multitasking. Since I don't use a mobile device to do the kind of stuff that I do on my desktop PC, multitasking is not that important to me. But I understand why people want it and the Pre looks like it works well.
#3 Stereo Bluetooth. The quality of stereo bluetooth is still not the greatest. Again, not that important to me.
#4 No removable battery. Agreed. That was a big Apple miss.
#5 No App trials. Most developers are creating free versions of their apps that have limited functionality so this should be a ? or a check mark.
#6 Too much touch. I agree that sometimes I would like the one button on the bottom to allow me scroll or select stuff like my Treo 5-way.
#7 No One-Handed Operation. Maybe I just have large hands but I can do 90+ % of everything I do one-handed. No problem here.
#8 Not a good phone. If you are comparing the iPhone 3G which you should, this is totally untrue. It's a great phone. Great sound and very few "malfunctions". In my experience 100 x better than the Treo 700p that I owned previously.
#9 No Copy & Paste. Agreed. When, oh when will Apple give me copy and paste. :(
#10 No Adobe Flash. Agreed. But as somebody else mentioned, the Pre should get an X there as well.

This is just my opinion and my experiences. I love my iPhone except for the few things mentioned in my list but once my 3yr contract is up, if the Pre is still around and the iPhone doesn't stack up anymore, I'd switch in a heartbeat.

by bringer666 | Feb 13, 2009 1:24:03 PM

Oh, and I forgot to mention that audiko.net will let you take any portion of any of your mp3s and make it into a ringtone. No program to download, really easy, anybody can figure it out.

by Joe | Feb 13, 2009 1:49:28 PM

Speaking as one of the folks criticizing Andrew's review: I am NOT an iPhone fanboy. I don't have an iPhone, and I don't have any particular interest in getting one. I visit this site because I use a Treo (650). This is obviously a Palm-centric site, and that's great, but "Palm-centric" doesn't mean that it can't give honest and fair information in its articles. Someday my Treo will go belly-up and I'll want to intelligently research my next smartphone purchase to get the phone that best meets my needs, be it Palm, iPhone, Android, or something else. The excessive bias in this article (and many of Andrew's other articles) just means that I won't be relying on this site, or any of its sister sites, to do that research. That's a shame.

by Eduardo Rodriguez | Feb 13, 2009 3:51:59 PM

I can't believe the Pre doesn't have an micro card expansion slot...that is crucial for me!

by Iphonepre fan | Feb 13, 2009 6:24:40 PM

I find it amusing Andrew doesn't comment on criticism but only to appraisal. I've commented negatively a while ago about a palm device i've owned and he wasn't happy about that either. Come on man, grow a back bone. I'm through with this site to depend on for fair and balanced reviews. Adiós!

by Chan | Feb 14, 2009 1:09:32 AM

There's quite a bit of back slash on Andrew over this issue. Well, I too guess he wants to speculate hit new site across so is the rant.

Anyway sad Treonauts credibility is shaken with this somewaht

by Anonymous | Feb 14, 2009 8:24:52 AM

Andrew must be struggling for things to write about or gets paid for each article. These "reviews" are more biased then any Apple fanboy site out there. Reviewing an iPhone which is currently out on the market against a phone that hasn't been released yet is absurd. What's even more absurd is that he gives advantages to the Pre based on features he assumes will be there.

This site and it's sister sites are becoming a place to go for purchasing accessories and no longer provide the unbiased reviews we are all looking for. I suspect that prenauts.com will be no different.

by Traveling Engineer | Feb 15, 2009 10:23:32 PM

Good job on the update, Andrew. I was going to say that people might stand a better chance of getting a response from you if they used a more professional tone, but it looks like you were willing to respond regardless.

It seems like at every site I've been to recently where people are given the opportunity to comment, that right after the main article you have comments from the cynics blasting away at the author. It seems that they have to try to demonstrate their own intelligence by contradicting everything the author says. It doesn't make me proud of my fellow humanity.

Here at least it seems that people mostly had valid points. I appreciate the collective wisdom of the group, but I think for the most part it could have been said a little more nicely, and in a more pleasant tone of voice, instead of immediately doubting your integrity and assuming the worst intentions. I believe it is possible to get the same message across, and at the same time be polite and demonstrate respect for the person being addressed. An observation from one American to others: it seems like that concept has mostly vanished from American culture, and maybe in other cultures, too. People love to blast away at each other and use stinging words.

At the moment, I'm in Yemen, providing assistance to a Japanese company that bought our (American) equipment for a liquid natural gas tank, and I am impressed by the amount of respect evident in Japanese culture. That doesn't mean they are perfect human beings, but it's refreshing to see one human being demonstrate respect for another.

No one is going to produce a perfect article, and all can profit from constructive criticism. I wish we could elevate the tone of the discussion just a little. It would make this blog more pleasant to read.

by comparison fail | Feb 16, 2009 12:55:02 AM

this "review" is stupid

no need to repeat everything said above

but the "update" by Andrew still fails

no mention that no native app support has been announced

on the other hand, iPhone already delivers more than 20,000 available NATIVE apps

#14 battery

iPod does not have a removable battery.

Does Zune have a removable battery?

(I have never seen a Zune in real life, so I have to ask)

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