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Sprint Treo Pro Release Date Finally Official

Palm & Sprint Announce Treo Pro Availability Starting March 15


I was beginning to think that the day might never come but at long last Palm and Sprint yesterday officially announced that the Treo Pro smartphone will become available on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network starting Sunday, March 15.

The Sprint Treo Pro pricing is set at $199.99 with a two-year subscriber agreement (after a $100 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate, with an Everything plan with data or a $30 per month or higher data add-on).

As many will already know, although I was never a particularly huge fan of Windows Mobile, the Treo Pro has nonetheless been my preferred smartphone since its release back in August of last year (see Treo Pro review) and I have to admit that I have been _extremely_ impressed not only with its performance but also its extremely slick design – considering that I spend an average of four hours a day on the phone my choice is evidently rather important to me.

It’s a real shame that it has taken over six months for this “Super Hot” smartphone to be released by its first US carrier but overall I still feel that the Treo Pro is possibly the very best Windows Mobile business smartphone available on the market today – it certainly continues to be the most appealing to me for the reasons outlined below.

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Sprint Treo Pro

  1. Ultraslim & Ultrasleek Form-Factor & Stunning Design Treo Pro Top Marks
  2. Full QWERTY Keyboard + High Resolution 320x320 Flush Touchscreen Treo Pro Top Marks
  3. Built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g with WPA, WPA2, 801.1x authentication) Treo Pro Top Marks
  4. Built-in GPS (Assisted and Autonomous GPS) Treo Pro Top Marks
  5. High-Speed Wireless Data (EV-DO Rev. A) Treo Pro Top Marks
  6. It’s a Palm Smartphone Treo Pro Top Marks
  7. Dedicated Silent Ringer Switch Button Treo Pro Top Marks
  8. Standard 5 Hours Talk Time (Up to 7 hours Continuous) Treo Pro Top Marks
  9. Dedicated WiFi On/Off Button Treo Pro Top Marks
  10. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 Treo Pro Top Marks

Additionally, the Sprint Treo Pro also offers a number of specifications improvements over my existing Unlocked Treo Pro including:

  • Much Faster CPU at 528 MHz (up from 400 MHz)
  • More Memory: 128MB program memory (DDR) and 256MB non-volatile memory (175MB user available up from 105MB)
  • Better GPS: a full aGPS chipset is now “Assisted & Autonomous” which means that your smartphone does NOT need to be within Sprint coverage to provide you with GPS navigation support.
  • More Java: instead of just the standard Windows Mobile JVM it is rumoured that the device will also have Sprint’s own Java solution called Titan.
  • More Apps: the recently released Kinoma Play will apparently come bundled with your smartphone + also expect more Sprint apps including Software Store, Sprint Music and SprintTV.
  • Mobile Internet Explorer 6: this is not yet confirmed but given the much higher specs the Sprint Treo Pro may have the new IE 6 in ROM.

I am hoping to receive my Sprint Treo Pro review unit in the coming days and will naturally report on my experiences very soon.

Separately, Palm today also announced the availability of the Treo Pro on the Alltel Wireless network.


Like the Sprint Treo Pro, the Alltel Treo Pro is loaded with support for EV-DO Rev. A data speeds, Wi-Fi for data, and GPS capabilities.  Users can browse the web and send and receive emails at quick, mobile wireless broadband speeds.  Treo Pro is the first Palm phone available with Internet Explorer Mobile 6, with options for either a mobile-optimized or desktop-like browsing experience.  Its thin design blends a flush, high-resolution color touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard with a removable battery that packs up to five hours of talk time and enough strength for the business user's needs, offering a powerful yet effortless mobile experience.

NOTE: Apologies if you posted a comment in the last couple of days that did not appear in the blog.  This was due to an error with the comment filtering and is now fixed. [Thanks Joe]

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Treonauts are always super hot

Posted by Andrew on March 5, 2009 at 10:46 AM

Treo Pro

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by proee | Mar 5, 2009 11:03:35 AM

I'll wait for the Pre, nice try but WinBlows..

by soydeedo | Mar 5, 2009 1:33:32 PM

by Noah | Mar 5, 2009 1:47:43 PM

I have to say - as a Verizon subscriber who's also (mostly) happy with Verizon, I'm pretty disappointed that both Sprint and Alltel can offer the CDMA Treo Pro, but Big Red can't get off its Big One to let me have anything other than a Centro on its network. I can't afford an unlocked one, and my New Every Two is here. Drives me crazy!

by Craig | Mar 5, 2009 2:47:30 PM

IE 6 is confirmed, check out the PDF under the "Details" for the Sprint or Alltel versions on the Palm website. IE6 is listed as included software.

by Reggie | Mar 5, 2009 9:10:50 PM

Totally agree with you Noah...really disgusted with Verizon Wireless for dragging their feet in regards to the Treo Pro. This phone sounds awesome.

by Mike | Mar 9, 2009 11:16:48 AM

....uhmm...and who owns AllTel?

by Steve | Mar 13, 2009 5:08:17 PM

I feel the same way about Verizon and with the $99.00 evertying plan at Sprint, I am definitly switching on 3-15-09

by Tami | Mar 17, 2009 12:02:21 PM

I just got my Palm Pro yesterday and I am still learning about it, so far, I like it. Just wish I had a color option! I had the Palm Treo 755p. But I wanted the windows based and this one is nice. Was going to wait for the Pre, but Sprint said it may not be released until October 2009,if it comes out this year at all. Some production delays.

by Sawban | Aug 7, 2009 7:58:32 PM

Hi how much would you sell your treo pro for

by Diane Stedman | Jul 30, 2011 12:41:44 AM

I like the pricing and specifications of this mobile broadband. Thanks for this post.

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