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Sprint Palm Pre 4G Support?

Very Cool New Sprint Commercial Highlights Palm Pre & 4G Network

Yesterday Sprint kicked off a fun, modern, hip and relevant new advertising campaign which highlights some of the very cool things that you can do with your smartphone while on the go.  The campaign is an intelligent adaptation of Sprint’s “Now Network” webpage (screenshot below) that has already been live for some time but which has recently been updated to give the Palm Pre center stage.


It’s now becoming more than clear that Sprint has enormous confidence in what the Palm Pre can deliver and the company is just starting to wet everybody’s appetite with this new campaign.  Rumours are that during its launch the Palm Pre will be supported by more than $50 million in marketing funding from Sprint but we can expect this to grow if as expected the Pre becomes the “it” smartphone of the year.


If you haven’t already viewed the new Sprint campaign on television, you can see in the video below that the company highlights a number of fun things currently happening on the “Now Network” including 23,000,000 calls, 1,000,000 emails in route with 7% of them containing the subject “Miracle Banana Diet” hitting 63,000 spam filters now, twice as many people are searching for the word “dog” versus “cat”, Jaime the talking boxer is being uploaded to YouTube from someone’s phone now, 2,000,000 people are sending a text message during a business meeting (most popular subject: diapers), 233,000 people just twittered on Twitter (26% currently viewing this have no idea what this means), 6,000 people are researching restaurants in a cab (29 of them just left their phone in that same cab), 30,000 people just landed and are switching on their phones, this is what’s happening on the Now Network…


Given the overlap of the “First 4G Network” and the Palm Pre at the end of the commercial some people have wondered if this may mean that the Pre will support 4G wireless data connectivity (currently only available in Baltimore but rolling out across other major cities soon).  We don’t yet have any official information about this but it seems obvious that Sprint would have a significant incentive to push Palm to include 4G either when the Pre launches or in an updated version later.

Leaving this aside, I don’t know about you but this Sprint commercial has _very significantly_ enhanced my perception of the company and I can’t wait to experience all the things that the Palm Pre will be able to do on its “Now Network”.  Please take a moment to share your own views with your fellow Preonauts below:

Palm Pre on Sprint's Now Network
1. How cool do you think Sprint's new Now Network commercial with the Palm Pre is?

  Not Cool

2. How likely are you to switch to/stay with Sprint in order to get your hands on the Palm Pre?

  Very Likely
  Somewhat Likely
  Not Likely

Preonauts are always getting things done NOW

Posted by Andrew on April 7, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Palm Pre

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by proee | Apr 7, 2009 11:37:39 AM

Those black and white Dan Hesse Videos are pretty dry, so these commercials are a breath of fresh air!

by tyaan | Apr 7, 2009 12:39:55 PM

Why does Sprint only have a NOW network and not NOW a Palm Pre? Maybe that would be supercool. Who wants a NOW smartphone in 2 month? Or even 2 years, when it maybe comes over to Germany! If it would be avilable in Germany it would be ultracool.

by RG | Apr 7, 2009 3:49:49 PM

What?? Vibration button on the right instead of the left?! It's a real deal-breaker for me!!That is it for you, Palm!! So long!

Ok, sorry, I was missing one of those comments in this article, thought I would be the first one :)

by serge | Apr 7, 2009 4:51:05 PM

Are you aware that Microsoft had just bought Palm ( Upon the French specialized Press about smarthpone and portable computers) . So long Palm. I am sad. really sad to know it.
As I have said and repeated non stop, the entire staff of Palm should have been fired 5 years ago.
But maybe this is what subconscienly they wanted : killing the baby with our own palms...

by dmm | Apr 7, 2009 5:01:25 PM

While it may be good in some ways that Sprint is emphasizing the power of their network, my reaction to the commercial was "massive information overload"--and other than their pricing, I have seen nothing clear in favor of Sprint.

That said, I plan to get a Pre, though I would still prefer it on a different network.

And Serge, you're a week late for April Fool's Day...

by Todd | Apr 7, 2009 10:32:59 PM

Howard Stern had a private demo of the Palm Pre and ended up selecting the Blackberry Bold as his smart phone. Why isn't there an article on that here? Oh yeah, this blog is biased.

by serge ouaknine | Apr 8, 2009 1:55:39 AM

Dmm this not a joke: rumors of Microsoft acquiring Palm Inc. at the CTIA of Las Vegas, last wednesday are serious ... Could we imagine Bill Gate abusing the April Fool's Day... I remain perplexe...
If only the Palm Pré could have be Mac OS compatible I would become its most eloquent ambassador, as I was for many other Palm devices ( not all ). Unfortunetaly all the Mac Users like me, who participated to the former fortune of Palm are feeling deeply betrayed.

by mike | Apr 8, 2009 2:34:48 PM

IBM should buy Palm instead of SUN :)

by Sam | Apr 8, 2009 10:37:34 PM

Idiotic commercial. WTF does "twice as many people are searching 'dog' on Google versus 'cat'" prove?! Stupid marketing bastards should be shot.

by RustyNails | Apr 9, 2009 2:22:56 AM

I wonder if the Pre can link contacts - like your sister and your mother, or like a friend and a friends mother, or spouse, etc. so, if you're looking for someone, but need to find the someone who is "connected" to that someone, but cant rememeber THAT someones name, you could find them? Also wonder about contact management capabilies - like Agendus does with all your contact with a person,etc.

by dp | Apr 9, 2009 3:27:51 PM

How very strange.... My post yesterday with the links to all the financial analysts' speculation about Dell buying Palm, as well as the link to the ChangeWave research, has disappeared.... Did I say something wrong? Or merely unpopular?

by dp | Apr 13, 2009 9:12:57 AM

And now it's back :-) All was forgiven, and I have come home, brothers and sisters! Thanks Andrew :-)

by Liberty For ALL! | Apr 14, 2009 12:27:33 AM

In order for Sprint/Palm to REALLY make a splash, the Pre has to debut with WiMax support!!!

by Edward Franco | Jun 7, 2009 4:44:58 PM

Actually the Palm Pre is Mac OS X compatible,. I own the Pre and a Mac and i've synced my music directly with ITunes and my address book and calendar with Palm software for Mac. I rally like this phone it's the only phone who is close to iPhone.

by Sunny | Jun 28, 2009 3:38:11 AM

I'll stay with Sprint but not for the Pre. Looking forward to the HTC Hero running Android. I do like the new commercials though.

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