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Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset

New Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Now Available In Our Stores Priced At Only $119.95


As I highlighted a couple of weeks ago when the Jawbone PRIME was first announced, I’m delighted to say that the new Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset is now available to buy across all of our stores priced at only $119.95. 

The other cool thing is that if you’re an eager early adopter you won’t find a better place to get one since neither Amazon, Newegg or even Best Buy have the PRIME in stock yet (find your headset for Treo, Palm Pre, Centro, iPhone, BlackBerry and G1).


Currently the only available colors are Black and Platinum (above and below left) but we will have all remaining (slightly more funky) colors also available soon.


Since establishing itself as the bestselling high-end Bluetooth headset with its previous New Jawbone model, Aliph has now added three main new technology features to the Jawbone PRIME that the company boasts make it “the best ever created”.  The features include:

Superior NoiseAssasin 2.0
The Jawbone Prime claims to offer even better noise elimination than the previous generations.  Version 2.0 of its patented military-grade technology apparently delivers “an order of magnitude” improvement in the noisiest environments – extracting even more ambient noise while keeping the user’s voice output as natural as possible.

Acoustic Voice Activity Detector (AVAD)
The new AVAD technology provides a provides a fail-safe mechanism when the Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) [the little clear button at the tip of the headset pictured above] doesn't touch your face. When the VAS is not touching the face, Jawbone PRIME performs as good as or better than any other noise cancelling headset. When the VAS touches the face, you get the turbo-boost to the NoiseAssassin performance.

Better Wind Performance
Considering how much the previous New Jawbone suffered in windy conditions Aliph focused its engineers on the task of completely eliminating the impact wind has on speech.  By leveraging some innovative DSP techniques and Jawbone's proprietary Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) Aliph has implemented a wind solution that maintains award-winning design without having to apply a visually disruptive wind-sock or baffle to physically block the wind.

I’ll naturally write a full in-depth review when I get my own new Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset early next week.  At the same time, if you’re already one of the lucky few to own a PRIME please take a moment to share your thoughts and experience via the comments link below.

Treonauts always want the very best

Posted by Andrew on May 21, 2009 at 03:49 PM

Treo Bluetooth Headset

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by kraski | May 21, 2009 9:57:24 PM

I've been using a Jabra BT530 for awhile, now. Very nice & half the price. It'd be nice to see you or someone do a comparative review.

by Andrew | May 22, 2009 8:44:08 AM

@kraski - Yes, I totally agree, the Jabra BT530 is an absolutely terrific Bluetooth Headset. It doesn't quite have the same level of noise cancellation as the Jawbone but there are other features such as the On/Off slider that I really love. If your budget doesn't allow for the Prime then I can indeed very highly recommend the BT530.

See my review:

Cheers, A.

by Techgeek | May 22, 2009 6:11:25 PM

It doesn't work well with the Treo Pro. Too muffled. I have tried the bt530, voyager pro, jawbone prime, and plantronics 925. The 925 provides the clearest sound. Not as good in real noisy environments but overall much clearer than all the others. Headsets work differently with every phone and this info only applies to the treo pro.

by kraski | May 23, 2009 1:33:29 AM

@techgeek - Interesting that you have an issue with the combination of the BT530 & a Treo Pro. My positive comments are using the BT530 with a GSM Treo Pro. Maybe you got a bad headset.

by MRComment | Jul 1, 2009 11:31:37 AM

Aliph Jawbone Prime, which will replace the Jawbone 2, and is the company's best headset yet. The Jawbone Prime is just as stylish as its predecessor, and it boasts even better noise-cancellation and comfort. However,the call quality isn't the best. The best call quality headset is Plantronics Voyager Pro but its design is very simple.

by Sarah T | Feb 9, 2012 11:56:42 AM

The jawbone prime is a decent bit of kit. They've gone all out to make it look classy. The box it comes in is pretty flash too.

by Sarah T | Feb 9, 2012 11:57:59 AM

The jawbone prime is a decent bit of kit. They've gone all out to make it look classy. The box it comes in is pretty flash too.

It's available at an affordable price at http://www.mobi-city.co.uk

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