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Palm Pre Sync Solutions

Select The Right Mac or Windows Sync Software Solution For Your Palm Pre Using Google, Facebook, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, PocketMirror, CompanionLink, Missing Sync, gSyncit, iCal or Address Book


Getting your contacts, calendar events, and tasks onto your Palm Pre is perhaps the first and single most important step to begin exploiting the capabilities of your new smartphone.  In my case, since I have over 3,500 contacts neatly stored in a multitude of Outlook folders with hundreds of categories and sub-categories the whole sync issue has been particularly important to figure out properly.

If more and more of the data you use to keep in touch with people and organize your life is stored on web services such as Facebook and Google then your new Palm Pre, with its unique Palm Synergy feature, is designed to give you access to this personal information when you’re on the go.

You can take advantage of Synergy to get your personal information from these web services and onto your Pre so that you can enjoy an unparalleled mobile experience. Synergy not only brings together your information from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Exchange, it also displays the information in one simple, integrated view.

Overall, there are currently five options that you can choose to sync PIM (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes) to your Palm Pre:

Option 1:  I’m already using Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Exchange as my primary PIM solution

If you’re already using Google, Facebook, or Exchange to manage your data you’re pretty much all set as Palm’s Synergy works with all three.

Here’s what you do:
On your Pre, open the Contacts application then select Preferences & Accounts at the top left of your screen and enter your account credentials (username and password) for your Google, Facebook or Exchange account.  (You won’t need to go to Calendar to set up your account there—that’s done automatically using the credentials you entered in Contacts.)

My Experience
Although I have both Google and Facebook accounts I don’t use these to manage my contacts or Calendar.  At the same time, although I have considered setting up a Microsoft Exchange account I don’t have one for now so overall this option really does not apply to me.  Having said this, as Palm states, if you do use Google, Facebook or Exchange for your PIM then it is _extremely_ easy to sync with them.

Option 2:  I want to access the contacts, calendar events, and tasks in my current desktop app (iCal & Address Book for Mac + Outlook & Palm Desktop for Windows) using Synergy (via Google)

Use a third-party app to sync your desktop application to Google, and Synergy takes it from there.

Apps are available to sync:

  • Mac: iCal and Address Book
  • Windows: Outlook and Palm Desktop by ACCESS

Here’s what you do:

  1. On your computer, set up an a Google Mail (Gmail) account if you don’t already have one.
  2. On your Pre, open the Contacts application then select Preferences & Accounts at the top left of your screen and enter your account credentials (username and password) for your Gmail account. (You won’t need to go to Calendar to set up your account there—that’s done automatically using the credentials you entered in Contacts.)
  3. Install a third-party application on your computer that enables you to sync with Google. Here are some applications that are currently available:
    • Windows XP and Vista
      • Google Sync (Free)
        Google Sync keeps your Outlook calendar in sync with Google Calendar.
      • CompanionLink® for Google (Sold Separately)
        For a variety of PC data sources, including Palm Desktop by ACCESS and Outlook, CompanionLink keeps contacts and calendar events in sync with Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts. Tasks also sync but as calendar entries. 
    • Mac OS
      • Google Sync (Free)
        Google Sync keeps iCal in sync with Google Calendar. There is also a solution for synchronizing with Address Book.  
      • Sync’Em (Sold Separately)
        Sync’Em automatically keeps Mac Address Book in sync with Gmail Contacts. 
  4. Follow the instructions of the third-party app to sync the data in your desktop app with Google. The next time Google syncs with your Pre, your data appears on your phone.

My Experience
I use Outlook on Windows and therefore tried CompanionLink (CL) to sync to Google and from there to my Pre but so far with very mixed results.  Although CL managed to properly connect my Outlook with Google and get the data to show up on my Pre, for some bizarre reason which I was unable to resolve, it would only sync some 600 of my 3,500 contacts…  I hope that there will be an update that fixes this issue for me but if you have under 500 contacts then CL seems to be an ideal and very simple solution.

Option 3:  I’d rather just sync directly with my computer (Windows Only)

Would you rather sync your Pre directly to your Windows computer over WiFi without going through the web? For this there’s PocketMirror.

Chapura PocketMirror for Outlook syncs contacts and calendar events between Outlook and your Pre. PocketMirror can sync your Outlook data whether you use Outlook as a standalone application or in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server. It works with Outlook 2003 and 2007.

Here’s what you do:

  1. On your Pre, open App Catalog and download PocketMirror.
  2. On your computer, download PocketMirror software for Outlook on Windows.
  3. On your computer, launch the PocketMirror installer and follow the instructions to complete setup.

My Experience
It’s a shame that PocketMirror only works on Windows and that it (currently) only syncs one primary Outlook Contacts folder because this truly is a superb and extremely simple solution.  As long as your Pre and PC are connected to the same WiFi network you can wirelessly sync all of your contacts and calendar items wirelessly – very cool.

One major hassle though is the fact that Chapura provides no telephone support whatsoever (only via email) and you may therefore have to wait quite a while to fix any issues that you may encounter.  Additionally, I really hope that Chapura will soon provide a Premium version of PockeMirror that can sync multiple Outlook Contact folders + that Palm will support Categories in the Contacts app (something that I consider to be quite urgent).

Option 4:  How do I get PIM data from my old phone?

Do you need to get data out of an old phone? Most service providers can transfer contacts from your old phone. An agent in one of your service provider’s stores can help you.

Here’s what you do:

  1. On your computer, set up an a Google Mail (Gmail) account if you don’t already have one.
  2. On your Pre, open the Contacts application then select Preferences & Accounts at the top left of your screen and enter your account credentials (username and password) for your Gmail account. (You won’t need to go to Calendar to set up your account there—that’s done automatically using the credentials you entered in Contacts.)
  3. To transfer data from an old phone to your new Pre, go to one of the stores of your service provider and ask a support agent for help in transferring data from your old phone. When you’re ready to transfer data from your old
    phone, be sure to tell the carrier agent which account to transfer the data to. 

Option 5: How do I get PIM data off my computer using the Palm Data Transfer Assistant (DTA)? (Windows & Mac)

Do you want to sync your personal information between your Pre and Google or Exchange, but first need to get the data out of a desktop app (such as Palm Desktop or Outlook) that you want to stop using? You can do a one-time, one-way transfer of data to your Pre, and then if you choose to, use Synergy to sync the data to Google or Exchange.

To transfer data from a desktop app that you want to stop using, go here for more information about the Data Transfer Assistant (DTA) – it’s a free download. The DTA transfers data from selected desktop apps to your phone through the USB cable included with your phone. You can sync this data with Google or Exchange, or back it up to your Palm profile.

The Palm Data Transfer Assistant (DTA) provides a one-time, one-way transfer of data from your computer to your phone. The DTA transfers contacts, calendar events, tasks, and memos from Outlook and Palm Desktop by ACCESS on Windows, and contacts and calendar events from iCal and Address Book on Mac.

  1. Getting ready.
    When you transfer data to your Pre phone, you must assign the data to an account on your phone. You can assign it to one of your online accounts that sync (Google Gmail or Microsoft Exchange), or you can assign it to your Palm profile (this means your data is backed up to a server but can be accessed by you only on your phone).

    If you want to sync your data to Gmail or Microsoft Exchange, you might want to set up one of these accounts on your Pre before you use the DTA. Otherwise, you can set up the account from your Pre when you’re asked where you want to store your data (see section 3 for more information).

    Note: If you’ve previously been syncing data from another phone, you may want to sync data one more time to make sure that your desktop data is up-to-date before you transfer it over.
  2. Running the Data Transfer Assistant.
    If you haven’t done so already, put the DTA application on your computer. Use Data_Transfer_Assistant.exe for Windows or DTA.dmg for Mac. Then, launch the DTA.

    Follow the onscreen instructions to select your data source and to connect your phone to your computer, using the USB cable that came with your Pre. The DTA transfers your data to your phone.

    Windows users: If the DTA finds a valid version of both Palm Desktop and Outlook on your computer, you'll be able to select the one you want to transfer data from. For Palm Desktop, if the DTA finds more than one profile in Palm Desktop, select the profile that is associated with the data you want to transfer. Your profile is in the upper-right corner of Palm Desktop ("User").
  3. Syncing your data or backing it up to your Palm profile.
    After the data is transferred to your Pre, you’ll be instructed to disconnect your phone from your computer. On your Pre, you will see a screen that asks you where you want to store your data. You can select a Google or Exchange account or back the data up to your Palm profile.

    After you assign the data to an account on your phone, the transfer begins immediately.

    Note: It may take a little while for the data transfer to complete. If you’re syncing with an online account for the first time, it may take additional time.
  4. What happens to my data after the transfer is complete?
    If you transfer data to an online account, changes you make to the data on your phone are synchronized with the online account.

    If you back up data to your Palm profile account, the data is stored on your phone and backed up to your Palm profile. This data is not available through any online account.

More about the Data Transfer Assistant
These are the PIM apps that the DTA works with, and what data the DTA transfers to your phone:

Windows XP or Vista®
– Outlook 2003 or 2007 (syncs Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos/Notes)
– Palm Desktop v6.2 (syncs Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos/Notes)
Mac OS 10.5
– Address Book (syncs Contacts)
– iCal (syncs Calendar)

My Experience
I downloaded and installed the Data Transfer Assistant application to my PC and from there was able to very quickly and simply transfer all the data to my Pre.  From there I selected to sync this data to my Gmail account.  As Palm notes in the above instructions though, the full data transfer over-the-air may take quite a while to complete – particularly if you have a large PIM database like mine.

Also, I have to admit that I found it mildly annoying that there is no “Progress Notification” on your Pre to determine how much of your data remains to be transferred nor how long this may take.  In my case, after one hour I still did not have the data properly synched to Google…


Overall I have not yet found the “ideal” solution for my (arguably somewhat unique) PIM needs – which requires synching to multiple Outlook folders with hundreds of Categories/Sub-Categories and literally thousands of contacts – but I have still managed to put the basic PIM information that I need on my Pre.

I very much hope that Palm, Chapura, CompanionLink or another third-party solution will eventually come out to meet my needs.  In the meantime, I believe that if you have under 500 contacts in your address book then any one of the five options outlined above will prove to be more than adequate.

If like me you’re on Windows and prefer to sync via your desktop, then I think that you’ll find Chapura’s PocketMirror an excellent solution.  CompanionLink follows closely behind as my second choice but this requires that you keep your data in the “cloud” via Google – something that I don’t personally mind but that others may not be too convinced about. 

Lastly, if you do choose to sync between your Pre and Google as your preferred solution then Palm’s Data Transfer Assistant will at least ensure that you don’t have to manually re-enter all of your data there – it does however mean that both your Pre and Google become the only places to manage all your PIM data. 

Update 1
It appears that mark/space is getting ready to release The Missing Sync for Palm Pre which will allow you to sync directly with your computer to manage contacts, music, photos, ringtones, docs & files, calendars, video & home movies, safari bookmarks as well as podcasts.  The great news is also that the Missing Sync for Palm Pre will be available in two separate versions for both the Mac and Windows.

The Missing Sync for Mac works with applications you already know and use — Address Book, iTunes, iCal, Entourage, Safari and iPhoto — to let you transfer and sync information and files between your Mac and Pre.

Update 2
There is apparently another solution [thanks Palmdoc] to sync between Outlook and your Pre via Google called gSyncit – a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows for synchronization of calendars and contacts between Google and Outlook.  I haven’t tried it yet but it looks very promising.

Update 3 – Media Sync for Palm Pre
As you may already know, your Palm Pre can actually work with Apple’s iTunes to sync your music and photos (it treats your Pre as if it were an iPod).  Another very good solution for media sync is also offered by a company called doubleTwist.

Preonauts are always in sync

Posted by Andrew on June 6, 2009 at 02:14 PM

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by Matthew Duffy | Jul 11, 2009 2:14:42 AM

Data Transfer Assistant Workaround:

I discovered a solution to the DTA not completely transferring my data from Palm Desktop to the Pre.

What you need to do is break your contacts into smaller groups, for example all "A's" could be one group.
1. Create a new Hotsync UserID for each group. For example "Contacts - A". One way to do this is to click on the top right corner of Palm Desktop on your UserID and select "Edit Users" then click "New" and type in "Contacts - A".
2. In Palm Desktop, Select all the "A's", Click "File" then "Export", save it as "Contacts - A". I put them all on my desktop in order to make easy cleanup at the end of the process.
3. Within Palm Desktop select the UserID associated with the data you just exported, once again "Contacts - A".
4. Click "File" then "Import" select the item from your desktop "Contacts - A".
5. Close Palm Desktop.
6. Open the Data Transfer Assistant and follow the prompts.
7. Open Palm Desktop selecting the UserID you just uploaded, "Contacts - A". Compare the data on your Pre with the data you attempted to transfer. If you find contacts missing, simply delete the contacts that DID transfer from the Palm Desktop. Analyze what's left, delete what you don't really need anyways. Clean up whats left, close Palm Desktop and use the DTA again.

Notes: Just because the DTA said it transferred "100" files, this was not always true. If the transfer was incomplete, most often the contact that it ended on was considered corrupt and needed to be edited before reattempting. Sometimes a few other contacts came through after the corrupt one, so you just have to proof-read after each upload. Some trends I noticed were that if you had phone numbers in the AIM section it was considered corrupt. If you have more than one phone number within each section it was also considered corrupt. Also "$" within the phone number sections weren't liked by the DTA. Once these items were cleaned up they transferred over with the DTA. This process is tedious, but it works, and is definitely better than hand entering everything. I had about 1,000 contacts, which took me about 4 hours to transfer. I had about 8 corrupt contacts to deal with.

by batman22 | Jul 14, 2009 3:02:06 AM

Using RFBackup along with good old Datebook in MotionApps Classic has been running great for me as an alternative solution to "syncing". Actually, I'm just really backing up my data, that's all, not syncing per se -- I have no use for the Palm Desktop software anymore (it's a dinosaur anyways).

As far as "syncing" (I feel this is a word from the old world now), the other 3 major PIM apps that old Palm OS became famous for -- and leveraged to the hilt with the Treo before the iPhone and Blackberry came and it then became apparent that Palm OS could not be scaled any further, nor represent a profitable business strategy -- here goes...

DATEBOOK: discussed above, using Classic with RFBackup

TASKS: one-way over-the-air sync from Palm Desktop to Pre is good enough

MEMOS: one-way OTA Desktop sync to Pre is good enough

CONTACTS: I prefer the Pre's "cloud" method of phonebook, although the Palm OS on my old Centro did provide some things that were a bit speedier, just because it was not a "cloud" methodology there, plus I haven't figured out if the Pre can just do a simple "find" on all data (I don't think it can, but who knows). Therefore, I still use my old Centro phonebook if I really really need to find someone based on non-name info. Or I will just put the tangential info with the contact's name on the Pre so that it is indeed searchable from here on out.

I would stay away from syncing your Contacts with Google. It's just way too much stuff. Just use Palm Profile for Contacts and you'll have what you had in your old Palm OS. Simple. And be patient. It may take a few hours before your contacts appear on the Pre, magically. But all X thousand of mine got there.

OTHER OLD PALM APPS YOU NEED TO SYNC REGULARLY: Try using Classic first, with RFBackup as your backup "syncing" mechanism if there is none already.

To summarize, I think we need to get out of the framework of the old Palm OS Hotsync. The Pre is all about the cloud. It backs up to the cloud. It includes Google sync because, hey, Google's all about the cloud.

In that way, Pre's phonebook is a tad bit "slow", but no different than you accessing Gmail via your browser versus Outlook on your desktop. Client-based software is simply gonna be faster for you every time. That is the built-in tradeoff of the cloud.

The iPhone's not with the cloud fully yet. The ONLY thing better on the iPhone than the Pre, IMHO, is the 3GS's video and auto-upload to YouTube. Everything else, the Pre does better and in smaller form factor. Most notably multi-tasking. To have the features that the iPhone has without multi-tasking is the iPhone's fatal flaw, but too bad nobody really cares.

Okay, maybe the keyboard is personal taste in terms of "better", but I type WAY faster on the Pre than on my wife's iPhone -- btw, I was faster on the Centro probably because of the distribution of weight on the Pre when the keyboard is slid out, but I still much prefer a physical keyboard than on-screen.

Then there's goddam AT&T. They run their wireless as if it's last-mile copper, I suspect. Sometimes I call my wife and I can't get through! I can't get through! It's frickin 2009 and call waiting doesn't work on AT&T. Unbelievable. When you are married with children, and I'm sure for you single playas too, call waiting not working is the Cardinal Sin.

So it's all about the cloud, so please stop comparing the Pre to the Treo/Centro. It's done and overwith. So what's left? The iPhone. I just told you why the iPhone sucks.

by Alfred V | Jul 14, 2009 9:59:14 AM

I've been doing some research as well and would like to sync not only contacts from outlook bu also 2 way email sync (email from my own domain. The only solution so far is Google apps sync, has anyone tried it? The idea is to use google as an exchange, and have the pre and outlook sync to it. Any other solutions or ideas for pre and outlook email sync?

by Ana | Jul 16, 2009 11:41:06 AM

I synced facebook events in my palm calendar, but dont know why all the events are showing up 3 hours late (if I have an event at 1pm, it shows up at 3pm). I already set up the time zone and everything correctly (as far as I know).

Any thoughts?

By the way, Google calendar syncs fine.

by Robert | Jul 17, 2009 9:18:58 AM

@bartakimus -- I think what's most disappointing for me and for a number of other posters here is not that the iPhone is a toy, but that Palm seems to have feel compelled to make the Pre a toy, also. That wonderful, sophisticated, dead reliable PDA/PIM functionality I had come to depend on from Palm has been pithed, in favor of iTunes sync, Facebook fluff, etc.

I want my Palm Desktop back!

I don't know what's left for people who want something that's not a toy. If you use MS Exchange, like the big corporate folks, I guess the Blackberry. But what if you don't? Maybe Google will come through with a good Android phone....

by CSR | Aug 20, 2009 4:29:56 PM

This was the most helpful article on this subject. I've just finished my initial and several subsequent syncs and wanted to share my experience.

1st - I decided to use PocketMirror as it was the least cloudlike (I, too, would prefer a usb option for when there is no wi-fi available).

Easy - Setting Pre to wi-fi at both home and office; downloading and installing software on both Pre and Windows Vista Ultimate laptop; initial sync of calendar.

Not so easy - initial sync of 6009 contacts... it required 3 multi hour connections to get all of the records synced for the 1st time to the point where I was afraid I'd maxed out the number of records PocketMirror will support.

So I emailed Chapura support. I received a response in less than 1/2 hour with real advice. I proceeded to have an email dialog with Jeff who explained that that many records may need a couple of tries (it did) but that subsequent syncs would be much faster (they are - seconds, in fact!).

The initial sync was torture - but only because of the sheer size of my contact dbase. Now the product works like a charm and I couldn't be happier...

by CSR | Aug 20, 2009 4:40:51 PM

Oh, and for the battery usage I've followed ALL the advice I could find out here. I switched out batteries, turned on wi-fi, turned off gps (when not in use), set email receives to 15 minutes, set it on a touchstone at work, plug it into the car charger when driving, charge it overnight, and put it in airplane mode when I'm not actively using it and finally got a full day out of it. This is my MAJOR concern now. Does anyone have any suggestions?

by Lee A | Sep 2, 2009 2:45:53 PM

To Syncronize your Palm Pre with Microsoft Outlook, Contacts, Calendar and of course the elusive "Notes" folder - Which we all use and love. You can use the Palm Data Transfer Assistant located at:


It's a straight forward application and pretty self explanitory.

by Richard | Sep 24, 2009 1:27:23 PM

Why nothing on the Palm Pixi? Are you done?

by phillaube | Oct 12, 2009 8:18:08 AM

I'm wondering if anyone has found any new solutions for the sync. I'm looking at the limitations of each above and they are giving me pause. I don't have wifi at work to desktop sync with Chapura. MarkSpace's product doesn't currently sync the calendar. And it seems that the Google/cloud option isn't perfect either. Has anyone found a good option for all of calendar/contacts/tasks (and maybe notes)?

by David | Jan 4, 2010 12:47:51 PM

My calendar quit synching over New Years and now has no entries. There was a software upgrade that occurred. Has anyone else had this problem? Figured out how to fix it?

by David | Jan 4, 2010 12:49:17 PM

I should have included that it was an Exchange Outlook calendar that quit. Everything else works fine. Calendar was working fine before New Years/software upgrade.

by H | Jan 6, 2010 6:31:24 AM

I have been using Palm software on my Mac. I love the palm software but my Palm Treo got worn out. I bought the Pre and I'm struggling to sync it with my palm software. I tried the missing sync software on my Mac but it seems to only recognize the icalender and iaddressbook. Already did the Google default. Hope that doesn't really mess with everything. Help?

by Michael | Feb 13, 2010 10:24:04 AM

I have had a better experience with the Treo 600. The fact that Palm released such a broken phone after their improvements from the 600 to the centro. Thius Palm PRe from a business functionality and ability to maintain control over data this phone drops Palm back prior to their 600 release.

The good news is that it is still looking better then the iphone, but that was a very LOW bar for palm to shoot for. If they kept their prior knowledge and added to that the cute features that the iphone had then this would be the best phone on the market.

So according to palm their site is 100% secure and anyone in the IT security industry knows to stear clear of any company claiming that, as there is no such thing. Also according to them there is no one that they need to cater to anymore that stores anything locally anymore, only facebook and google were their focus.

The phone is cute and has cute features, but it is not business or even modicum PIM ready. Hopfully they will send out patches soon that will bring this phone up to the Treo 600 level of functionality.

I would give the palm a much higher rating (right now about 25%) if I could get my local information synced without subjecting my business contacts and friends to a higher level of possibility of identity theft by making their information accessible to the Internet. I have tried Pocket Mirror (horible support and neve could get the software to work), Missing Sync (Support seems to concentrate on sending out the same email of reboot, reinstall, etc... but never troubleshooting), I am contemplating USBSync but they don't integrate into the Palm Synergy so may not be the best solution.

by BDfromSD | Mar 11, 2010 3:28:38 PM

Struggling trying to find a solution that will sync my to-do's to my pre. I have missing Sync for Palm Pre, a Google Account, BusyCal (a premium version of I-Cal), and yet, there is no task sync available. HELP!

by Cheryl | Apr 12, 2010 9:06:31 AM

I want to continue using palm desktop with my palm pre. Is there any software that will sync desktop to my pre

by amber | Apr 13, 2010 8:58:35 PM

how can i un-sync my facebook contacts?? i have tried to delete contacts but wont allow me to delete fb contacts HELP i dont need all my fb friends phone #s

by kimforcum | May 11, 2010 10:29:40 PM

i have a pre with a broken touchscreen and after i recieved my new pre the sprint store tech was unable to transfer my contacts from broken phone to new phone because of the broken screen. does anyone know how i can manually go in and get the contacts transfered?

by Gene Rankin | May 20, 2010 5:38:05 PM

I've searched quite a bit and have yet to find the case I'm looking for: one that'll work as a travel case, which would hold the touchstone, the wall charger, the cable, a spare battery, and maybe the Pre itself (but not necessarily, as it'd probably live in my pocket while travelling.

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by anthony morrison | Apr 28, 2011 3:26:10 AM

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