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Plantronics Voyager Pro

Next Generation Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset – Not Pretty, Not Small, But Delivers Best-In-Class Sound Quality


CNet has already given the new Plantronics Voyager Pro (pictured above) its coveted “Editor’s Choice” blessing, rating it as “Excellent” and claiming that “…it has the best sound quality of any Bluetooth headset we’ve ever tried”.  Additionally, PCMag is equally generous with its Editor’s Choice and a note that “…its the best Bluetooth headset you can find for all-day chatter”.


With these rather strong credentials I’m delighted to say that the Plantronics Voyager Pro is available as of today in all our stores (find your headset for Treo, Palm Pre, Centro, iPhone, BlackBerry and G1) priced at only $89.95 (one of the best prices online today and available before Amazon, Best Buy or Newegg even have it in stock).


According to Plantronics, the Voyager PRO is the most advanced noise-canceling Bluetooth headset available. Two noise-canceling mics on a boom, AudioIQ² technology with its adaptive 20-band equalizer, and three layers of WindSmart technology ensure that you hear every word and that your voice is heard clearly despite the noise around you. This extremely comfortable, behind-the-ear headset is further proof of Plantronics' 40-plus years of commitment to headset engineering excellence.

Key Plantronics Voyager Pro Features:

  • Always-on dual-mic AudioIQ² technology cancels noise while retaining the unique, natural sound of your voice
  • Three layers of WindSmart technology – stainless steel mic screens, acoustic fabrics, and an electronic filter – block intrusive wind noise
  • Pivoting mic boom lets you wear headset on either ear and optimize the position of the two microphones
  • Automatic voice prompts alert battery and mute status
  • Up to six hours of continuous talk time, five days of standby from single charge
  • Micro USB Charging connector
  • One-year warranty


Engineered for Sound Quality
No other headset has the combination of two noise-canceling mics on a boom to best capture your voice, three layers of WindSmart technology to outsmart the wind, and an adaptive 20-band equalizer tuned to maintain rich, balanced audio at comfortable listening volumes despite the noise around you.

The advanced AudioIQ² noise-canceling technology in the Voyager PRO, with its finely tuned adaptive 20-band equalizer, makes you sound like you're in the same room as your caller, not miles apart. To achieve this, AudioIQ² makes use of two microphones--one that's focused on your speech and the other that picks out distracting background sounds, such as road hum and construction noise--then compares data from the two mics and eliminates the unwanted sounds, leaving your unique voice free to be heard clearly and naturally, as it was meant to be.

The dual microphones are also stacked with three layers of WindSmart technology--stainless steel mic screens, acoustic fabrics, and an electronic filter in the mic circuitry--that aggressively block intrusive wind noise. The adjustable boom, which allows you to wear the headset on either ear, positions the mics where they can best capture your voice, further enhancing the sound quality. So regardless of whether it's the din of traffic or the whipping wind that you're up against, the Voyager PRO will ensure that you and your caller will be heard clearly and sound natural.

Extremely Comfortable, Durable Design
The Plantronics engineers involved in the design of the Voyager PRO were arguably a bit obsessive. After all, in designing the Voyager PRO, they conducted no less than two dozen rounds of intensive human-comfort tests, a relentless study of skin sensitivity, and repeated drop-tests.

The result of this obsession is a soft and flexible, extremely comfortable headset that is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of today's mobile professional.

QuickPair and Multipoint Technologies: Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use
Thanks to Plantronics' QuickPair technology, setting up the headset is quick and intuitive. The Voyager PRO supports Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) and Secure Simple Pairing (SSP), making it compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices, including phones, PDAs, and laptop computers.

The headset also features Plantronics' multipoint technology, which lets you pair and answer calls on two different Bluetooth devices. This means you can quickly and easily connect the headset to two phones, such as a Smartphone and a personal phone, or a phone and a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a laptop that you use to make Internet calls. Just choose the combination that best complements your workflow and pair both devices with your headset.

Extended Talk Time
The Voyager PRO includes a fast-charging, long-lasting battery that provides up to six hours of continuous talk time and five days of standby time on a single charge. Convenient voice prompts even alert you to battery and mute status.

The Voyager PRO is also backed by a one-year limited warranty and includes an A/C charger, three soft gel eartips, foam eartip covers, and a user's guide.

Overall, although I have not yet had the opportunity to personally test this new Plantronics Voyager Pro nor compare it to the equally highly rated Jawbone PRIME which I have been using for the last couple of weeks I have to admit that I’m extremely taken by the Voyager Pro even if its design is a little bit more retro than I would like. 

Additionally, one also has to consider the monetary factor with the Voyager Pro priced at a very competitive $89.95 compared to the Jawbone Prime at $119.95.  Slightly lower in the rank, I’m also a huge fan of the very good Jabra SP530 (I actually own two) which I can highly recommend and is priced at only $59.95.

Plantronics Voyager Pro [PCMag & cnet]

Treonauts always have the best pro gear

Posted by Andrew on June 3, 2009 at 12:10 PM

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by Plantronics User | Jun 22, 2009 11:46:17 AM

Thank you for posting this information! I have always been a fan of the Plantronics Voyager 510. I didn't like the 520, mostly due to the fit. I really like how the pro really does look like an updated version of the 510. I hope that you add an update after you actually try it out yourself. :)

by UTWoodsman | Jul 1, 2009 10:58:08 PM

I've been using the Plantronics Voyager Pro for about a month now, and I'm very impressed. I like it even better than my Plantronics 925, and I love that headset! The clarity is stellar: no one can tell I'm on a BT headset. It does an exceptional job of filtering out background noise. I can easily get 25-30 feet from it with no static. If I ever forget my phone in the car, I have to actually go into a building or restaurant before it disconnects. It is easy to mount in my ear and very comfortable. I wear mine the entire day with no ear fatigue. I hear much better around the headset than I do with the 925 (room conversation). The battery lasts forever.

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