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Verizon Palm Pre + AT&T Palm Pre Coming 2010

Palm Pre For Verizon and AT&T Coming Next Year According To Carrier CEO’s

Verizon & AT&T Palm-Pre

Sprint must clearly be doing something right as all of a sudden the Palm Pre appears to have become the talk of the town with the CEO’s of the two largest US wireless carriers showing clear signs of envy basically stating they also want to have the Palm Pre.

On the one hand AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson last week mentioned that he sees his company selling the Palm Pre after the exclusive arrangement with Sprint expires at the end of this year (see Palm Pre is a Sprint Exclusive for 2009).  A day later, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam also stated during a conference webcast that over the next six months you will see devices like Palm Pre on his network. 

Given the fact that Sprint is the exclusive Palm Pre carrier for all of this year the soonest that you can expect either Verizon or AT&T to begin selling it will be January 2010.

As the Pre gets ready to launch this Saturday, June 6th (just a few short days away) many people enticed by this smartphone (without a doubt the closest to match the capabilities of the iPhone with the added benefit of a physical keyboard and a removable battery + many other new features) will have to decide whether it’s worthwhile switching to Sprint in order to get their hands on one.

Aside from the simple fact that Sprint will be the only carrier where you can actually get a Pre, the two greatest benefits that Sprint will offer prospective owners in my opinion are 1) an extremely solid 3G wireless network and 2) extremely competitive price plans combining voice, data and messaging (particularly when compared to the AT&T iPhone and Verizon Storm price plans).

Considering that the overall Palm Pre experience is greatly dependent on wireless data connectivity, Sprint’s robust 3G network is clearly a plus.  At the same time, when you consider that you may be able to save more than $950 with Sprint’s Simply Everything plan (Unlimited voice, data, messaging) there are some rather strong financial reasons to consider switching as well.

Having said all this, the key factor influencing the purchase of a Palm Pre will ultimately be determined by just how good this smartphone proves to be – you’ll be able to find out here what I think of it in just a couple of days…

Smartphones Choking Networks [via CNNMoney]
Verizon to sell Palm Pre [via Reuters

Preonauts are ready to launch

Posted by Andrew on June 1, 2009 at 11:20 AM

Palm Pre

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by k.m. | Aug 14, 2009 8:32:04 PM

I absolutely cannot wait for this device to come to Verizon!
I am limping along until then.
Had HORRIBLE experiences with Sprint (customer service and reception stinks where I travel most)years ago and vowed never to return to them.
Come on, VZW!

by j.d. | Aug 29, 2009 3:34:54 PM

Started with Treo 300 on Sprint long ago. Loved it. Both the service and the phone. Then the 600, 650, 680. Each phone great. But Sprint began to slide downwards. Their actual service was okay. But their ability to bill me correctly and handle a customer service call dropped horribly.

About two years ago the worst one: they "changed" the data plan options. Didn't tell me and started billing me by the byte. But still billed me for the data plan that no longer applied. After about two months of talking to polite Indian operators that treated me like s#*@, they finally fixed it. (It's amazing how they can so politely treat you badly...)

So, I gave up and switched to AT&T. They are so-so. Never thought I's see the day that AT&T surpassed Sprint...

Later, I got an iPhone. Erm...I want a Treo back. (But not a Centro.) I have played with my friend's Pre and loveit. I look forward to it's release on AT&T.

by Mike | Oct 6, 2009 10:40:39 PM

WHOAAAA I do got to admit that Sprint comes out with the best phones more then any other carrier, but i had and work for sprint and to tell you the truth is not a great service at all i keep getting my text the next day my voice mail in two days, dropped calls everywhere i go. Sure is expensive to get verizon but you get your money's worth with clear calls and and once and a great while dropped calls and you get your text and voice mail the same day :). Also my bill is always the same when i was with sprint it will always fluctuate :( but who knows it might be diffrent now but ill tell you this i will never go back to sprint again.

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