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Flashlight: One More Application For Your Treo

Seasoned Treonauts will undoubtedly know about a little but very useful feature of their Treo which goes undocumented in any user guide. Namely, because its screen and keyboard are so bright the Treo can often be used as a simple...

September 13, 2006 | Comments (19) |


Quick Tip: Treo Calendar Alarm

Here's something that may seem obvious but it took me literally ages to figure out how to set up an 'automatic' Calendar Alarm for every one of my appointments... What set me out looking for this is that when I...

January 23, 2005 | Comments (18) |


Treo Taxi

Tom at SiliconValleyWatcher has come up with yet another use for our Treos... [via GigaOm] "I was running late and needed a taxi, but there were few to be seen along Geary Street, and with six lanes of traffic, it...

October 7, 2004 | Comments (2) |


How To: Using the Treo as Modem on your Mac

Most Treo users have probably discovered PDANet by now which enables the Treo to serve as a modem when connected by USB. The Mac has lagged behind on this capability outside of a program initially designed to take advantage of...

September 18, 2004 | Comments (5) |



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