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Treo Software | PalmaryClock Wireless

For a while now some Treonauts have suggested that I take a closer look at PalmaryClock Wireless for Treo and since I was looking for a new currency converter (one of 11 included mini-applications) I finally decided to take it...

January 24, 2007 | Comments (9) |


MobileClock: My "MP3 Alarm Jukebox"

Whether at home or on the road my most trusted application to get me out of bed in the morning is mobileCLOCK – the best all-in-one alarm, timer and stopwatch software for your Treo. I have been using mobileCLOCK for...

September 5, 2006 | Comments (7) |


Alarming your Treo

There's something that I have been obsessing over for a while. Namely, finding a simple (no stylus required), quick and yet powerful alarm clock for my Treo - preferably one that could play mp3's and would thus allow me to...

April 12, 2005 | Comments (12) |



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