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Thinking About Your Future? Try Astrology & Horoscope Pro

Like many Treonauts I have been keenly attracted by astrology and numerology for many years. I am not particularly interested in daily horoscopes but do take the time to read Susan Miller’s excellent Astrology Zone forecasts on a monthly basis....

May 9, 2006 | Comments (13) |


Over the Moon with my Treo

Well, you already know that I'm over the moon with my Treo but in this case I mean it in a literal sense as I've added an application called 'Lunar' to my 'Just For Fun' category. Lunar is an incredibly...

April 7, 2005 | Comments (1) |


Video To Go for your Treo with Kinoma

Kinoma Producer 3.0.1 ($29.99) and Kinoma Player 3EX ($19.99) are a powerful combination for video conversion and playback on your Treo. Both were recently updated and offer an array of features, while making things 'point and click' simple to use....

December 9, 2004 | Comments (1) |


How To: iPodder to your Treo

If you've somehow missed the latest rage in RSS syndication, it's called iPodder and it's a new way to automatically download enclosures (Podcasts in iPodder parlance) and have them import into iTunes. It's like Tivo but for iTunes. It's very...

October 14, 2004 | Comments (8) |



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