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Treo vs. iPhone

Below is a list of Treonauts Treo vs. iPhone reviews or news filed in chronological order. Simply click the title of the excerpt to view the full post.

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3G iPhone & The Smartphone Wars

Like a good game of chess the players in the smartphone market are always coming up with new moves to gain a competitive advantage. The latest move came a couple of days ago as Apple unveiled its new 3G iPhone...

June 11, 2008 | Comments (23) |


iPhone Accessories, Reviews and News - iPhoniacs

Although my preferred smartphone choice remains our beloved Treo or Centro the (unfortunate) fact is nonetheless that a great many people have chosen to leave the Treonauts community by deciding to get an iPhone and becoming iPhoniacs instead. As I...

November 13, 2007 | Comments (12) |


iDay: The Apple iPhone Revolution Begins

Unless you’ve been lost in the deep forests of the Amazon for the past few months you will undoubtedly already know that today is iDay – the time when Apple begins selling the iPhone which is quite possibly the single...

June 29, 2007 | Comments (47) |


Apple's iPhone Wake-Up Call

First let me say that I am absolutely delighted and extremely thankful for all the comments that were made in my previous post Palm Treo 680 vs. Apple iPhone and which I received via email. I’m glad to see that...

January 11, 2007 | Comments (50) |


Palm Treo 680 vs. Apple iPhone Comparison

UPDATE: Please also see my Treo vs. iPhone take the day of its launch in my post iDay: The Apple iPhone Revolution Begins After literally years of rumours Apple finally officially announced its much anticipated iPhone (pictured below in proportion...

January 9, 2007 | Comments (191) |



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